The Undeniable Benefits of Moving to Sacramento


Nicknamed the ‘City of Trees’, Sacramento has the most trees per capita of any other city in the world! This means that picturesque, tree-lined streets are common and oh-so-beautiful.

This is just one benefit of moving to Sacramento. If you’re thinking about making the move but you’re still on the fence, then you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading for the undeniable benefits of living in Sacramento.

Plenty of Incredible Neighborhoods

Sacramento might not be as big as other Californian cities, but it certainly packs a punch. Your choices of neighborhoods are plentiful and diverse.

Whether you’re after a fast-paced life, ranch-style living, or an upscale inner-city home, you’ll find it in Sacramento. The eclectic mix of neighborhoods has something for everyone to experience their idea of perfect California living.

Start shopping around for the best SAC homes in your ideal neighborhood.

Living in Sacramento is Affordable (for Cali)

While Sacramento definitely isn’t low-cost living, it is one of the most affordable places to live in California. So, if you’re chasing the Californian dream and fantasize about your life in the Golden State without breaking the bank, Sacramento is your best bet.

The average cost of living in Sacramento is 5% higher than the national average. However, Los Angeles is a whopping 21.5% higher — so you get the picture.

Outdoor Enthusiasts Dream

California is well known for being a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with lakes, rivers, mountains, and the ocean. Sacramento is peppered with gorgeous, large lakes and rivers. You can spend your free time fishing, hiking, swimming, kayaking, and so much more!

In the winter, hit the slopes for some fun in the snow, and in summer, float down the river enjoying the sun. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

Perfectly Positioned for Weekend Getaways

When you move to California you’ll no doubt want to explore all of the incredible spots that the Golden State has to offer. Well, if you live in Sacramento, you’ll have some of the most iconic and beautiful spots on your doorstep.

Sacramento is perfectly positioned for weekend getaways, with places like Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Napa, and San Francisco just a few hours away. Any holiday, weekend away, retreat, or adventure is available.

The Winters are Mild

If you’re a summer baby, then you’ll love Sacramento and if you’re from the East, then wintertime in Sacramento will be a breeze. Californians will argue that it gets too cold in Sacramento in winter, but for everyone else, it’s a generally mild winter.

Another great benefit of a move to Sacramento is that the subtle changes of each season can be observed. From the fall colors to the blooms of spring, it’s one of the few cities in Sacramento that you’ll see a changing of seasons.

So When Are You Moving to Sacramento?

Wow, the City of Trees really is an amazing place in California and after reading this you’re probably packing your bags and getting ready to go. Moving to Sacramento means you’ll be in an outdoor paradise, in one of the most affordable cities in Cali. What’s not to love?

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