What Are the Different Types of House Paint That Homeowners Use Today?

Back view of painter in white dungarees, blue t-shirt, cap and gloves painting a wall with paint roller, with copy space

Did you know that homes in the United States that have a dark-colored front door can improve your home sales by $6,000 or more?

A fresh coat of paint can make your home look more appealing to your family or potential buyers.

If you want to spruce up your place with new colors and finishes, you will need to know what types of paint to buy.

Continue reading to discover the most common types of house paint that you will need for home renovation projects!


One of the most important types of house paint that you should have in a new home is a whitewash.

Whitewash is an interior house paint that is applied on new walls to help save you time and energy. Instead of scrubbing down and sanding drywall, you can apply whitewash. Whitewash will make the walls white and create the perfect texture so that your colored paint applies smoothly.

Since whitewash is typically made from chalk or slaked lime, it is very affordable and easy to work with. You can use whitewash on drywall, brick, and concrete surfaces.


The best house paint for inside is a water-based option.

Water-based paints are easy to apply on the walls and leave a flawless finish. This paint is the most popular paint on the market. You can use water-based paint on bare drywall or over whitewash walls without having to clean them first.

If the walls that you are painting over are oil-based, you will need to grab a wet rag and soap. After the walls are clean, you can smooth the wall with high-grain sandpaper. The only downside to water-based paints is that they have a rough finish and can peel over time.


A smart homeowner will buy oil-based paints for their home.

Oil-based paints are recommended because they last a long time without fading and have a luxurious finish. Oil paints are more durable than the water options and they help make the walls look less dry.

If you choose to get oil-based paint, allow extra time for the paint to dry. Oil paints take longer to set and often have a stronger odor. You can clean up paintbrushes and materials with paint thinner.

It is no surprise that interior house painting is best done with oil-based paints.


Most exterior home renovation projects mean that you will have to add some layers of paint to the house.

Enamel paint is the best choice if you need paint that can withstand exterior elements of weather and climate. This type of paint can help protect a home or surface from damage, fading, and weather.

A lot of enamel paints are textured so that they create a unique and luxurious look from the streets.

What Types of House Paint Do You Need?

There are many types of house paint that you will need to consider when updating your home.

Whether you want to paint the kitchen, front door, or the exterior of the house, you have an option that is best suited for your needs. Not all paints are created equal, some serve a purpose while others make your home look lovely.

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