The Guide That Makes Choosing and Buying a Watch Simple


Did you know that despite everyone having a phone in their pocket that tells time, the watch industry is still booming? That’s right, watches are back in style and it’s time to get one.

Buying a watch might seem confusing for people who have never worn one before. What do you need to consider when you’re making your purchase?

Let’s talk about it. Read on to learn all about how to find the best watch types for you.

First: Analog, Digital, or Both?

When you’re looking through different types of watches, your first consideration is likely going to be how the watch displays the time.

Analog watches are classic watches that have hands pointing to the numbers associated with the time. They’re either in Arabic (what we think of as “standard”) or Roman numerals.

While most people know how to read an analog clock, it’s not as quick. Digital clocks display the time clearly, just as you’d see it on a phone or computer screen.

You can also get a watch that features both options.

Know Your Price Range

How much are you able to pay for a watch?

Watches range from only a few dollars to well into the thousands. Most people seeking new watches end up spending anywhere between $50 and $150, but don’t feel the need to go beyond your budget for “luxury” options.

What Features Are You Looking for?

Watch types are more diverse than ever. While some people just want a watch that can tell time and nothing more, some people are interested in more advanced features.

For people who are looking for modern watches that can make phone calls, display text messages, and track heart rate, smartwatches may be the best choice. For those who are active and sporty, water resistance might be an important feature.

Make a list of things that you know you want your watch to be able to do before you start shopping.

Do You Prioritize Durability?

Speaking of water resistance, how durable do you need your watch to be?

People who are using their watches for fashion, or who don’t often find themselves playing sports or getting active while wearing a watch, may not mind a dainty band and fragile watch.

Some people have no problem replacing a watch every year as fashion cycles change.

However, if you want a watch that’s built to last, put that on your list of top priorities. The H2Hub Casio G Shock, for example, has a 10-year battery life and can survive a 10-meter fall.

Match Your Personal Style

While watches are utilitarian objects, you can’t leave style out of the equation. If you’re going to be wearing a watch every day, you want it to suit you!

Take a look at the other accessories that you wear day-to-day. Are you someone who likes a lot of gold and glam, or do you lean more casual? Are you a high-tech dresser or are you old-school?

Buying a Watch? Start Here

Next time you’re buying a watch, keep these factors in mind. Style, durability, features, and cost will all determine the best watches for you. You can tell time in style.

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