The Process of Pipe Relining- Complete Guide


The plumbing industry in Australia, valued at 16 billion dollars, is a giant corporation employing over 67,000 people country-wide. This is because about 77% of the people living in Australia are victims of water damage issues.

That number keeps soaring with every passing day that a pipe remains unchecked and therefore unrepaired. That is why pipe relining in sydney is the need of the hour.  Landlocked on all sides, Australian homes are bound to face some severe consequences if such issues remain unchecked.

Read on to find out what pipe relining is and how the process is conducted.

What Is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining is a new form of technology that one could use to fix drain pipes that have become clogged, damaged, or broken.

The primary differentiation between regular pipe repair and pipe relining is that all procedures are performed above ground. This means that almost no digging is required, and hence little damage is done to the property.

Furthermore, the new pipe formed within the host pipe is more robust and eliminates potential pipe problems such as cracking, pipe separation, root incursion, etc. Homeowners and business owners can be assured that their drains will not malfunction again in the coming years.

The Process

Pipe relining employs the same techniques for dealing with all types of drain problems.

  • A trained expert inspects the system with CCTV equipment to identify whether the underlying cause is a collapsed pipe, misalignment, ageing pipe material, or missing parts.
  • The hydro-jetting method is then used to clean the drains, flushing out layers of scale, dirt, and blockages and prepping the inner pipes for the lining.
  • The professionals then produce a custom-made bladder and liner, which is put into the drain and pushed into place. CCTV equipment makes sure that the liner covers the damaged portion of the pipes.
  • Compressed air expands the liner, causing the unique epoxy resin to adhere to the drain’s interior bore. After a few hours, the resin sets to form a new pipe within the old one. Technicians deflate and extract the bladder, leaving a more robust framework that allows the drain to function smoothly again.
  • To guarantee that the work is completed, a final CCTV check of the drains is performed.

In just a few hours, a completely functional drain is created that will endure for a very long time.

Why Opt for Pipe Relining?

  • The relining procedure removes the need for pipe replacement and excavation and the cost of landscape restoration.
  • It is a non-destructive method of drain repair that avoids the disturbances associated with typical drain repairs, such as traffic jams, structure damage, and more.
  • Calcification will be eliminated since debris will no longer cling to the inner bore.
  • It is more pressure-resistant than standard drain materials and can potentially improve overall flow and throughput.

Final Notes

Pipe Relining is a smarter, more efficient choice for drain repair. It is not very expensive either since it’s a one-time investment built to last for many years.

Moreover, the process of pipe relining in sydney requires no digging hence minimising restoration costs and efforts. Overall it is a more effective and durable solution. Thus, every home and business owner should receive a consultation to live a stress-free life, knowing that the pipe reline would solve issues that arise due to water damage.