Unique Flooring ideas to design creative Exhibition Stand


The exhibition stand designing process is very crucial. It is necessary to pay special attention to every component of the exhibition stand during the exhibition stand designing process. Most exhibitors fail to consider the design of flooring while exhibition stands designing and construction. It is a forgettable factor because exhibitors consider it as least important. But, every element of your booth should be efficiently designed.

The flooring of your exhibition stand is not just to walk on. Your exhibition stand flooring can be designed creatively so that they complement the overall decor of your booth. The design of flooring also influences the size, function, and shape of your exhibition stand.

While designing the floor of an exhibition stand, you should keep in mind that there is a practical side to the floor. It should be capable to hold a huge volume of traffic in your booth. There are different ways to design the floor of your trade booth. You should choose the right option for your booth. Here, in this post, we are going to describe the top six flooring ideas for your trade booth.

List of Flooring Ideas to design Creative Exhibition Stand

Colorful Carpet

This is one of the simple ways to make the flooring of your exhibition stand visually appealing. But, sometimes simple is the best option. Grey color carpet is the simplest choice. You should try to experiment with different carpet colors.

What about the red carpet? You can also choose the carpet color as per your brand color. It will help to represent your individuality and let you stick to your brand in the trade show. You can also choose the contrasting color so that your booth flooring pop-up and look amazing.

Print Attractive Graphics

Why you want to limit your display graphics to your walls only. You can continue your graphics to your exhibition stand flooring. The extended graphics help to create a bog impact on the trade show attendees. You can either replicate your walls graphics or continue them on the floor.

It may need more design and investment, but the results are fruitful. Therefore, you can consider this creative stand designin your upcoming expo. You can hire an experienced stand contractor to design alluring graphics for your booth flooring.

Add Brand Logo on Your Flooring

It is not necessary that branding should be always done on booth walls. You can do it anywhere! You can use your flooring to spread awareness. You booth visitors will find it attractive and remember your brand name because it is presented uniquely. In addition to this, you can print your brand slogan on your trade booth flooring.

Attractive Texture On The Flooring

You can add some depth to your exhibition stand with the help of textured flooring. You can also add the floor of your exhibition stand in your booth decoration theme. No matter, whether you want to have Astro, wooden or metal flooring, you can easily attain the desired look with textured carpet. Nowadays, different texture carpet available in the market that looks like hard flooring. This is the best way to save money and upgrade the visual appeal of your creative exhibition stands.

Help Your Visitors To Navigate

You can design your flooring in such a way that it can help the booth visitor to navigate the right place. You can print arrows and directional symbols to reach a particular section of your exhibition stand.

For instance, you can print arrow along with product display to let your booth visitors know where your products are displayed. You can use the trade booth flooring as signage. It is one of the best ways to upgrade the visual appeal of the exhibition stand design and build.

Print A Track On The Flooring

Whether you want to print the train track on the exhibition stand floor or want to display the yellow pathway, the track will help your booth visitors to reach the destination.

The printed track will help the trade show attendees to find the destination and also help to keep them engage with your products or service. It is recommended to take the help of a professional exhibition stand designer to design with creative ideas for exhibition stands flooring.

Final Words

There are endless ways to design your flooring. In this article, we have described only a few top ways for trade booth floor designing. You can do brainstorming and use your imagination to find creative ideas to decorate your booth floor.

Let your imagination run wild and share your ideas with professional’s exhibition stand designers. You can search online for various enticing ideas. You should consider the above-mentioned tips while designing your trade booth flooring.