What Are the Best eCommerce Tips for Businesses?


Developing a solid, successful eCommerce business is a great way to take the reins of your future and be your own boss. In fact, this way of doing business continues to boom, so the opportunities are endless.

Globally, 14.1% of retail sales are from eCommerce and experts suggest it will be as high as 22% in the year 2023. 99Firms predicts that 95% of purchases by the year 2040 will be online.

While eCommerce is on fire and the idea of being an entrepreneur is an amazing concept, the hardest part is getting started. Not to worry, though. We’ve got plenty of eCommerce tips right here to help a small business owner like you.

The “Wow” Factor

A customer’s first impression of your eCommerce site says a lot. They will instantaneously know if they like it or not. The first impression is critical and one of the best marketing tips anyone can give you.

If you want to snag sticky customers, you need to be creative. When you invest time and money in the design of your website, you will invest well. You want it to not only be appealing in its appearance but intuitive to create a superior customer experience.

Another piece of advice is not to attack customers with pop-ups right away, as that can be annoying. You should let them explore the site for some time before impressing them with discounts and such via a pop-up window.


You’ll hear a lot of business tips, but the advice you get about mobile-friendly is imperative. To have a successful eCommerce business, you need to win over customers who are on the go or, unfortunately, you may be investing a lot of time and money on something that is irrelevant.

In fact, even recent statistics show how popular using a mobile device is for consumers. In 2021, Black Friday (which is typically a day for brick-and-mortar shopping) brought in 40% of sales from mobile devices. The following Monday (or Cyber Monday as we know it) brought in a whopping 54% of mobile device visitors.

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Social Media Marketing

Another one of the best marketing tips for a small business owner is to align your eCommerce business strategy with social media marketing. This should be a critical piece of your site’s brand.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can help you grow your brand and increase awareness of your products. It takes time and strategy to leverage social media and build an audience properly.

To run a successful social media marketing campaign, post content regularly and add weekly live content. Find your competitors highly engaged followers and comment on and/or like their activity.

Begin leveraging influencer marketing. Also, follow accounts you can find that follow your competitors. You know they are interested in your type of business, so it’s a suitable target for you.

Boost SEO

Your eCommerce website will be as successful as your customers can find you. That is why you want to spend time on your search engine optimization or SEO.

You can pull customers to your site with informative and engaging blog posts. You want to build your blog around a good SEO strategy to maximize results. This includes optimizing the URL, title, and meta-descriptions by including the keywords that people search.

You need to maintain fresh content that provides high value. You will need to ensure that your website loads quickly. A slow website will hurt your site’s performance.

Plus, we recommend you register your eCommerce website with the webmaster tools at Google and Bing business.

Live Chat

To really make an excellent customer experience and stand out from competitors, offer a live chat on your eCommerce site. It will help the customers that peruse your site to decide they are comfortable with their purchase faster.

Customers should feel like they are communicating with a human, not a machine. This is one of the greatest eCommerce tips you can use to humanize your online store, like speaking with a store associate at a brick-and-mortar.

It is vital that you place the live chat button someplace on your website that is highly visible, so you can find it easily. You should have it visible all the time, too, regardless of where the customer is on the website or if they have to scroll down to read more on a page.

Allow Guest Purchases

You may think that it makes more sense for your business to have customers create an account. It is easier for you to keep tracking of your customers when they have an account with you. Also, you want your customers to keep track of their purchases easily, which can reduce customer service inquiries.

However, some customers will not want to create an account for a variety of reasons. They may only purchase one item and don’t plan to come back to your online store in the future. Another reason could be that they don’t particularly like creating a username and password that they must remember each time they purchase, and they will only purchase sparingly.

A Call to Action

CTA buttons are good for creating higher conversions. They improve the eCommerce site’s usability for the customer.

You can encourage customers to join a newsletter, and receive special pricing notifications, and general company updates. This is a great way to win over a long-term customer.

eCommerce Tips Made Easy

There are tons of ways to make your eCommerce site successful. We hope you can include the eCommerce tips you just learned about as you make your entrepreneurship endeavor.

For more exceptional business tips on technology, marketing, and more, stop by our site again soon. We enjoy posting fresh ideas all the time!