What Are the Common Commercial Roof Problems?


Approximately 109,331 roofing contractor businesses exist in the U.S. as of 2022. This figure shows a slight increase of 1.8% from 2021.

Your roofing company can solve your roof problems in two ways. Roofers can either propose roof repairs or replacements to solve your roof issues.

You should consider the level of expertise when hiring a roofer. An experienced roofing contractor will deliver better quality services.

There are various roof problems common in commercial and residential buildings. Read on to learn the common commercial roof problems.

Roof Leaks

These are among the popular commercial roof problems. If a leak is present, your roof will let in any kind of water and moisture. This provides good conditions for mold growth which can be a health hazard.

Water stains on your walls and ceilings, molds, and stuffy odors are common signs of roof leaks. Contact your roofer if you notice these signs.

Poor Roof Installation

If your roof isn’t properly installed, you’ll likely face many roof issues in the long run. Lousy roof installation also cuts down the life expectancy of your roof.

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You can find a professional to examine your roof if you doubt the installation process used by your contractor.

Ponding Water

There’s always an issue when you see water puddling on your roof. The chances are high that you have clogged gutters.

This can also be due to debris buildup and poor HVAC unit drainage. You should call your plumbing technician to unblock the clogged drainages and gutters.

Ponding water on your roof can cause roof leaks, costing you more during roof replacement.

Roof Punctures

Natural factors like wind and hailstones can puncture your commercial roofs, causing roof problems. Always check the flashing and sealant around the vents, pipes, and chimneys penetrating your roof.

Roof punctures let debris, dirt, and dripping water into your commercial building. This can damage your office machines and equipment.

If the damage is redeemable, you can seek roof repairs from your roofer. Otherwise, you might have to replace your entire roof.


Roof blow-offs often occur after wind hits the side of your building and continues over the top. Suction develops in the space between the blowing wind and your roof.

This causes the weak roof materials to pull off and might cause injuries. Allow your roofing materials to cure completely after proper installation.

Roof Shrinkages

Metallic roofing materials expand and contract with temperature changes. Your roof’s upper layers start to crack and break when the layer under the roof shingles begins to shrink.

As a result, your roof joints will break and develop holes, causing roof leaks.

Understanding Roof Problems

Using the best roofing materials can help reduce your roof problems. Consult your roofing contractor to know the suitable materials to use when installing a roof.

Avoid the DIY approach if you’re not an expert in roofing services. Hiring a roofer will get you the desired results.

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