Your Ultimate Guide in Using PDFBear, The Best Online Tool


The education sector transformed the way it accomplished things. Amidst the pandemic, there is an inevitable shift to working remotely instead of going to the office. You now need to submit requirements, such as homework and assessments using digital means. However, there is a possibility of growing tired of handling more documents online. It is because of the difficulties you might face as you edit and transform them into other file formats. To help lessen the burden you face, you should access powerful online tools, such as PDFBear. 

It offers a lot of functional tools designed to make the lives of students less hassle. For instance, it has an efficient converter tool to make the format of your documents more suitable to your needs. But there is more to this tool than file conversion. Keep reading to know what it is and the benefits you will derive from utilizing it.

What is PDFBear?

Your search for the best online tool can sometimes be confusing. Since there is a sheer number of it, you are having difficulty in choosing. You should stop searching and choose PDFBear instead. 

It is highly functional compared to its competitors. Consider it as a one-stop-shop for your PDF needs. It offers over 20 tools which include repairing and merging documents and converting PDF to Word, Excel, or JPG. These all aim to solve the clamor of the students when managing their digital documents. 

What makes PDFBear an attractive tool to use?

You don’t need to install any applications or software to use PDFBear because it is a web-based tool. Expect that using it will not affect your local storage. This feature is helpful for those using a device with full memory. It can also quickly generate your desired result without sacrificing the quality of your documents. It assures you that it will not alter the readability of your uploaded files. Besides that, it guarantees you a safe working environment. It uses a kind of security system that deletes all your files within an hour of uploading them. So after leaving the website, you don’t have to worry about your files landing on someone else’s device. There is no way that other people, even the experts, can steal them on its server.

The things you need to access PDFBear

Just like any other web-based tool, there are some things you need to equip yourself with to access PDFBear successfully. Read the list below to know the complete list.

A working device

Any device is compatible with all kinds of devices of all sizes and shapes. So you don’t have to worry if you don’t own a computer because you may use your laptop instead. You can use it even with your smartphones. The high accessibility of this tool makes its users patronize it.

Wi-Fi Connection

You must connect your device to the internet so that you will not face any issues when using the website. It is recommended to ensure that the connection is stable for a more convenient way of accomplishing tasks. For instance, you can upload and download the files quickly if your device has a strong connection to the internet.

A working browser

You can use any available yet reliable browser on your device to reach its website. It can range from Chrome, Safari, Firefox to Opera. Once you access it, you will realize that it has a straightforward interface making it easy to use.

Top 4 most used tools of PDFBear

File Conversion

The website can help you convert files quickly, which will save you a lot of time. In cases that you found discrepancies in the content of a document in PDF, you must change it first into Excel or Word to make changes. You can’t use PDF for editing purposes, so there is a need for file conversion. If you refuse to use a converter tool, it’s either you will need to retype all the content again or leave the discrepancy as it is.

Merging documents

During finals week, the coverage of exams is almost from the start of the semester until it ends. To review easier, you might want to merge multiple learning materials into one PDF file. You no longer have to switch from one file to another just to review each topic. This way you will not face any problems in searching for a chapter topic.

Compressing documents

Since you deal with a lot of files in a semester, your device would probably reach its full storage capacity. It can cause unnecessary problems, such as constant lagging of your device. What you can do is compress these files. This feature will allow you to create copies of the documents with smaller file size. Aside from that, you can face problems in sharing documents with many pages. That is why most researchers and ebook writers use this technique to lower the file size. It allows them to send the documents via email.

Delete PDF pages

It is possible to delete unnecessary pages in a document, such as those without content. If you are reviewing for an exam, you can use this tool to retain only the pages you have to study. Aside from making your document appear organized, it also reduces its file size.

How to make use of PDFBear’s offered services

To use its services, you first need to open any working browser of your device. Type the appropriate web address on the search field. After doing this, you will see its tool page. This page will show you the various tools. Choose the one that will suffice your needs. Once you click it, you must drag and drop the documents on its toolbox. The tool will immediately analyze the document and start the process. 


PDFBear has a wide range of advantages you can enjoy for free. It will make your life easier since managing your files is now a seamless job to do. For sure, with these many features, you won’t look for other tools to serve as your companion in this online learning setup.