3 Major Benefits of Instagram for Businesses


Did you know that nearly 62% of the world’s total population uses the internet? Furthermore, over 57% percent of the world’s population uses social media.

With more people online, social media has become integrated into our daily lives, and businesses must take advantage of its impact. Instagram is one of the most important platforms of all, and you’re missing out on incredible digital marketing opportunities if you don’t use it.

But why is Instagram such a valuable tool for businesses? And what exactly are the benefits of Instagram?

We’re here to fill you in. Keep reading below to learn about three of the biggest Instagram benefits for businesses!

1. Create Trackable Ads

In the past, it was difficult to evaluate the success of an advertisement campaign. However, with digital analytic tools, businesses can discover which ad strategies work and which don’t.

On Instagram, you can target your ads to certain demographics and redirect traffic to your website. You can also collect user data, which will help you to improve future campaigns.

2. Expand to a Larger Audience

There’s no better platform than Instagram for businesses looking to grow their audience. Instagram offers a wide variety of free features that you can use to expand your following quickly.

The first is the hashtag feature. With hashtags, you can “tag” your posts with info describing the general subject of the post or additional information. When people then search Instagram for those hashtags, your post will be included in the search results.

Another recent tool that’s been added is Instagram Reels. With Reels, creators can make 15-second long videos that they can share with their followers in a post but also share globally.

This allows people who aren’t already following you to easily get a small taste of your content! Since you only have 15 seconds, it can be tricky to create something that will grab the viewer’s attention. Luckily, it’s easy to find a guide for Instagram reels if you’re struggling.

3. Humanize Your Brand

We live in a world where consumers are becoming less trusting of huge faceless companies. It’s important to show your audience that there are real people behind your brand.

One of the benefits of Instagram is that you can share little snapshots of your community culture without making it a full-fledged post. With Instagram Stories, you can post pictures or videos that will disappear after 24 hours. This gives you a chance to briefly show your followers the great team that is working hard to provide them with your company’s services.

Discover the Incredible Benefits of Instagram

First using Instagram can be overwhelming for beginners. However, it’s instrumental in developing an online presence for your business.

Of course, it’s hard to believe it until you see the results, and it may take some time before your engagement numbers start to grow. But with the list above, you’ll begin to understand just how powerful the benefits of Instagram can be!

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