5 Different Types of Speakers You Need to Know About


In four years, Amazon and Google have sold 150 million smart speakers. But do they deliver the best sound?

If you’re interested in music, you want to hear every minute detail of the audio. As such, we’ve compiled a speakers buying guide to show you the different types of speakers available on the market today.

So, it’s time to focus on the music and explore which speaker is best for you.

1. Freestanding Speakers

Freestanding means that they are usually tower or bookshelf speakers. Inside a wooden case, they will hold an array of different stereos so that listeners can hear a full range of music.

They are fantastic at home, especially if you like listening to records. You’ll be able to hear notes that standard mid-range speakers can’t play.

2. Tweeters, Midrange, Woofers, and Subwoofers

These are technically four different types of speakers. But they are often used together to create the perfect sound. Tweeters deal with the upper hearing range of 2 kHz to 20 kHz. So, pitches similar to a bird tweet will come through the tweeter.

A midrange stereo is for the main bulk of audio that falls between 200 Hz to 5 kHz. Human voices and singing will come through the midrange.

Next is the woofer that amplifies deeper bass sounds in your audio. A woofer will play anything between 40 Hz to 1 kHz. Then, the subwoofer will focus on 20 to 200 Hz.

Be mindful if you live in an apartment block because people will hear the audio through the subwoofer.

3. Full Range Drive Speakers

Full range drive speakers are the best speakers if you’re looking for an affordable at-home option. They are cheaper than the whole four stereo combination and will use less space.

They are designed to play through a range of 60Hz to 20+KHz. However, you will struggle to identify the extreme notes, such as tweets and bass.

4. Built-in speakers

These types of speakers are inserted into the walls or ceiling of your home. The speakers will sit in frames, which a professional will position and hide in your walls.

They are a unique way to offer surround sound without having visible stereos. Because of the expertise needed to install them, these types of speakers are more expensive. But they have the wow factor and are perfect for home cinemas.

5. Boat and Watersport Speakers

Made with water-resistant material and producing a solid sound, Marine Towers are the best watersports speakers. They have a sturdy clamping system to stay attached even in rougher waters. In addition, they sell different types of speakers, and some models have a passive woofer.

Level up Your Audio With Different Types of Speakers

This speakers buying guide has given you an overview of different types of speakers on the market. So, consider whether you want a single speaker with a full range or multiple speaker set-ups.

You now have the speakers buying tips and knowledge to make an informed decision. For informative articles on everything from technology to lifestyle, check out our blogs.