5 Fun Girls Night Ideas to Try Out

Group Of Female Friends Enjoying Meal In Restaurant

Girls just want to have fun! This is more than a song. If you have your core circle of friends, you probably relish the nights where you get to just let your hair down and enjoy each others’ company.

Booking the perfect night out with your girls takes a little bit of planning, which will go a long way.

Looking for girls night ideas but find yourself stuck? We’re happy to help.

Here are some great ideas to try for your next big girls night.

1. Take Advantage of a Paint and Sip Class

Paint and sip classes are all the rage these days. They mix art instruction with wine and conversation.

It’s a nice way to relax, learn a new skill, and appreciate the arts, while also enjoying each others’ company. Find out about the classes in your area so that you can book one with a group of your friends.

For tips on getting the most out of a paint and sip class, you can find more here.

2. Learn to Make Dessert

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you may also appreciate taking a class that teaches you how to make desserts.

These classes can take place in a bakery, or could be led by an online instructor. Learn all about the different types of dessert will help you whip up some tasty treats on your own time as well.

3. Rent a Party Bus and Hit the Town

Taking care of the logistics is a big part of event planning. A party bus takes care of your transportation without having any breaks in the action.

Whether you’re considering hosting a party at a lounge that lets you book a VIP section, or planning to hop around the different clubs in the area, a party bus is just what you need.

Get a headcount for everyone going so that you can book a time slot for renting the bus.

4. Book an Escape Room

Escape rooms allow you to be a kid again.

They’re set up with realism and a story in place, and require you and your group to work as a team in order to figure out how to escape.

The escape room has a time limit, and you’ll have to use clues and cooperation to find your way out. This is the ultimate bonding experience while allowing you all to use your imaginations.

5. Make it a Board Game Night

Whether it’s a rainy day or you just don’t feel like getting dressed to go out, it doesn’t get much better than having a board game night.

Board games are perfect for a girls night in, and will allow you to bond and connect while trying out different games each time. Choose games that allow solo competition and teams so that you can mix it up.

Plan Your Next Girls Night

These tips will help you out when you’d like to plan a girls night with the people you love most. Put your party planning hat on and put these tips to use.

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