7 Fun Birthday Party Themes That Kids Will Love


Every year the average parent spends between $400-$500 on their kid’s birthday party, and if you have multiple kids, that can become pretty pricy.

Nowadays birthday parties feel more like a competition to see who can throw the most extravagant party, but you don’t have to spend a fortune for your kids to have an awesome themed birthday.

Continue reading for 7 cool birthday party themes for kids that won’t have you giving up an arm and a leg for your children to have a good time.

1. The Superhero Party

Kids love superheroes, so if you are looking to have the best superhero party for your little one, have everyone come in costume!

Chances are they already have a superhero costume or 2 or 3 lying around anyway and what could be more fun than running around as a superhero with your friends!

You can even have some supplies on hand so kids can make their own masks or costumes and encourage them to get creative.

2. Beach Party

Turn your backyard into a fun beach party theme complete with kiddie pools if you don’t have a full-size pool, beach games, and sand buckets for party favors.

Dollar stores love Luau party items, and you can usually find all kinds of cool, inexpensive decorations that could be used for your beach party.

3. Nerf-Themed Party

If you are looking to wear the kids out, this is the party to have! Kids of all ages love Nerf and it will keep them busy and active during the in-between moments of the party

You can ask the guests to bring their own Nerf gun if they have one, or pick up some cheap ones at the dollar store that could also serve as a party favor.

4. The Glow Party

This is a great kid’s birthday party theme that anyone will love! Buy a couple of inexpensive black lights, darken the windows of a room or house and have the kids wear neon shirts to the party.

Big plus if your decorations are brightly colored too, as this will add to the ambiance. Pass out glow sticks to brighten things up, and you are guaranteed one awesome kid’s birthday party.

5. Story Book Theme

Many parents these days feel uncomfortable having others buy gifts for their children or don’t want their kids being overwhelmed with toys they will hardly play with, so one thing that has become popular, is having guests bring a book instead.

Why not throw a storybook party where kids could dress up as a character out of one of their favorite books? This is sure to be a hit, especially among the younger kids who are really into nursery books and fairy tales.

6. A Craft Party

For the kids who love to create, this one is for you. You can buy lots of cheap supplies at the dollar store or encourage your child to save things like toilet paper tubes and egg cartons for their birthday.

Then, encourage the children to use their imaginations and craft anything they want. Save some cardboard boxes so everyone can create a rocketship, time machine, or anything else in between.

7. Camping Theme

You don’t have to leave your backyard to throw a camping party. This will be especially fun for the older kids who know the ins and outs of a sleepover.

If you don’t have a tent, you can always build one the old-fashioned way out of sticks and a few blankets, then grab the marshmallows and light a fire!

Inexpensive Birthday Party Themes for Kids

Throwing a birthday party can be as expensive or inexpensive as you would like but at the end of the day kids are not going to remember what the theme of the party was, they are going to remember the experiences they had sharing their birthday with friends and family who love them the most.

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