Does Art Therapy Actually Work?


According to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, art can be traced back 40,000 years. Painting, drawing, and sculpture were fully developed some 17,000 years ago.

Art has been used to express creativity for thousands of years, but it’s only recently been used as a form of therapy. Does art therapy work?

This guide will discuss everything you should know about this therapeutic practice. Keep reading to learn more.

Defining Art Therapy

Art therapy uses different forms of artistic expression to treat mental health disorders and promote well-being. Therapeutic art can encourage healing and help you manage your mental illness symptoms.

Art therapy is a relatively new approach to healing. Many doctors began to explore it as a therapeutic technique when they saw individuals use art to express their emotions and the struggles of their mental illness.

Art therapy is used in assessing mental illness and treating it in children and adults alike.

Techniques Used in Art Therapy

Art therapy encourages self-expression to help you learn more about yourself and find healthy coping mechanisms. Coloring books are a common technique used in art therapy. Coloring is great for children but can also help adults cope with stress.

Painting is another form of art therapy. You don’t have to be an artist to participate in this form of therapy. You simply need to approach it with an open mind.

Check out some acrylic painting kits to start your art therapy as soon as possible. Sculpting and clay work are other popular techniques used in art therapy.

Benefits of Art Therapy

There are so many great benefits of making art for your mental health. When used alongside other therapeutic techniques, art therapy can help you manage the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

It’s also a healthy method for dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. It can help you sort through your emotions relating to family issues.

Art therapy has also proved beneficial to children having behavioral issues at school. It’s a great form of therapy for children with learning disabilities. It can help children or adults with traumatic brain injuries as well.

Art Therapy Exercises You Can Try Today

There are many art therapy exercises you can try. Adult coloring books are common for individuals needing a form of stress relief.

Paint with some relaxing music in the background. This can help you express some pent-up feelings and help you feel more at ease.

Drawing a future self-portrait is an exercise used to help you create goals for your life. Draw a version of yourself you’d like to see in a year.

Create art using natural materials like sticks and leaves. This will encourage you to use your creativity while spending some time outdoors. These are things that can naturally boost your mood.

The Only Art Therapy Guide You’ll Need

Art therapy can encourage healing and overall wellbeing in your life. Use methods like acrylic painting or coloring books to help you manage your anxiety or depression.

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