Gaurav Bhatia: Sotheby’s Ex-MD Sheds Light on Sumptuous Ways to Build an Art Collection


Maison India CEO Gaurav Bhatia, talks about some opulent ideas for fellow art collectors, and tips some of the great ways to build an art collection.

A personalised art collection is in true sense a real luxury in life. The art as they say is immortal, and so is the joy associated with it. Gaurav Bhatia Sotheby’s Former Managing Director , who has been at the epitome of art and luxury industry, comments on the need for art collection and how it breaks the monotony of life.

He states, “The sentiments associated with art can be understood only by those who devote a lot of time and effort towards it.”

Adding that the artistic beauty is in great consciousness a reflection of contentment and calm we experience in our daily lives. The collection of such exemplary stuff is, thus, encouraging and lends a vibrant touch to our life.

Gaurav Bhatia Sotheby’s has earned huge praise for his ability to pick prized possessions throughout his esteemed career. He explains that making up your mind about antique choices is how a journey to building your dream collection begins. Also, it is vital to share this luxurious taste of art with people who posses the same zeal as yours, in order to be a part of the very enriching community of accumulators.

After discovering your type of art, Bhatia proposes putting time on research and knowledge. He explains this part as shepherd of the process, since it guides in selection of treasured paintings. Exploring as many art galleries, museums and fairs as possible, this phase gives an overwhelming exposure to unique art.

This need to explore is being fulfilled today by the online exposure; courtesy COVID-19 pandemic. The circumstances have changed the operations of big luxury houses like Sotheby’s and Christies, among other art galleries, all of whom are available just at a click. Their digital channels host live viewing rooms for bidding online. For any art enthusiast, this represent any opportunity like no other, especially because spending huge sums on travelling has been completely scrapped.

Sotheby’s made use of the same strategy when it streamed real-time version of its cancelled spring sales, which received an overwhelming response. “Love for art has vivaciously followed a terrain of online presence and broken major stereotypes,” says Gaurav Bhatia. He adds, “It is advisable for art collectors to be a part of these events, wherein rainmakers of art auctions choose to participate.”

Learning step by step, an art enthusiast probably understands their budget, taste and what collection would best represent them. However, a market analysis also has a big role. Alongside art, design and collector behaviour, studies on painting values and their market prices can help save a lot of budget.

“It is understandable that newbies work on their instinct and often make an uniformed decision,” says the ex-managing director Sotheby’s India Gaurav Bhatia.

In order to understand what price should be borne for what art, standards such as popularity of artist, authenticity, condition, and past connections should be carefully studied. After an informed purchase is made, the gratification tends to remain higher. Therefore, young art collectors must keep in mind these factors.

Prints, photography, and even folk and tribal art are some of the most accessible art forms for new collectors to commence their journey, even if they have a relatively tighter budget. Besides, contemporary works of art from the artists is also a great option.

“In a nutshell, buying less but worthy items is what should never be forgotten,” Ex-Sothey’s MD Gaurav Bhatia elaborates.