Corporate Event Planning: A Practical Guide

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Did you know that according to recent events data that conferences, festivals, and other events have increased and are expected to bring in 1.6 billion dollars? The industry has exploded because of pent-up demand in the past couple of years. That makes it more competitive to find venues and services for anyone booking events.

Have you been tasked with corporate event planning? It’s important to know the basics of planning before you start. Check out these top tips and suggestions here to help you have a successful event.

Establish Goals

Before you run out and start looking at corporate event venues you need to think about your goals for the event. Ensure that there is a cohesive theme that you can utilize. Figure out how much time you require for the event, when it should take place, and what you want to accomplish during this timeframe.

Make a Budget

If you haven’t been given a budget by HQ, be sure to sit down and find out how much money you have to work with. You don’t want to exceed your funding, and event costs can add up quickly. Make a budget and determine what areas you need to allocate funds to, and how much you have to spend on each.

Tour Venues

Whenever possible, go check out the potential venues for your event in person. Then you can speak to the in-house event planners and managers, and go through what is and isn’t included in the contract together. Make sure that the venue is a good fit for your event’s size requirements, function, and style before signing a contract.

Understand Corporate Event Planning Logistics

When creating corporate events, take the time to look at the logistics of how much staff, volunteers, and vendors you will need. Even the simplest of conferences can still have a lot of moving parts like speeches, meals, and materials that need to be distributed. You can always look into corporate event planning companies to assist you if it is too much to handle on your own.

Hire Entertainment

One of the key components for a successful event is having good entertainment. You can read online reviews for local performers in your area, and get recommendations from trusted coworkers and business associates. Or you can hire an entertainment agency to take care of your corporate event entertainment needs and set you up with the right match for your event.

Ready To Plan Your Event?

Now that you’ve learned the top tips for corporate event planning, you can proceed with confidence. Take the time to establish your goals, make a budget, and troubleshoot any logistical challenges. If you need extra assistance, hire professional event planning or entertainment companies to help you.

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