How to Plan a Celebration of Life Event


It’s sad, but around 60 million people die every year. There comes a time when your loved ones pass away, and no matter if it’s expected or sudden, it’ll take a huge toll.

While it’s perfectly fine to grieve, not everyone wants a regular funeral. If your loved one was always full of life, then they might want a celebration of life instead. This is where everyone focuses on happiness and memories instead of grieving loss.

Read on to find out how to plan a celebration of life event your loved one would be proud of.

Invite the Right People

Respect your loved one’s wishes on whether they want an intimate gathering or a large party. Then, go about inviting the right people for the celebration of life.

If some of these guests will be coming from out of town, then the sooner you invite them, the better. That way, they’ll have more time to request time off work, find childcare, book hotels, etc.

Consider the Activities

A celebration of life means remembering the good times with the deceased. So what activities will be suitable for the gathering?

Some people choose to bring photos and videos to show, while others choose to play music and read poetry. Ask around to see what people want to do and plan accordingly.

Choose a Venue

When planning a celebration of life event, you’ll want it to be similar to a party. This means regular event venues (such as catering halls, community spaces, etc.) are appropriate still.

Just make sure the venue you pick has the right amenities to accommodate your chosen activities. For example, if you want to put on a slideshow, then the venue should have a projector, speakers, and cables to hook your computer up.

Make Sure There’s Food and Refreshments

When you plan a celebration of life event, you don’t want your guests to be hungry or thirsty. The exact food and refreshments you need will depend on the venue and length of the event, but having at least some finger foods and a small selection of drinks (such as tea, coffee, juice, and soda) is a good idea.

If you’re struggling with ideas, then taking a look at an event like can help. You might even find a fantastic event planner who can take a huge burden off your shoulders in these tough times.

Know How to Plan a Celebration of Life Event Expertly

Now you know how to plan a celebration of life event that’ll honor the memories of your loved one.

It might feel like your world’s come crashing down after their death. But when you’re surrounded by friends and family, you can lift each other’s spirits and treasure one another’s company. This is the best way to respect the deceased, as it’s their wish for everyone to be united and provide support for one another after their death.

If you need more help with event planning for other occasions, then read our blog for more useful information.