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One of long awaiting movie was on hold due to acquisition of group, when Gambit is a movie based on the Marvel superhero of the same name. Gambit is a mutant who has the ability to control pure kinetic energy, along with skills in card throwing, hand to hand combat and the use of a bo staff.

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Gambit Movie Release Date

Genre: Action & Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Written By: Joshua Zetumer
Language Releasing: English, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi
Release Date: 13th March 2020
Studio: 20th Century Fox

Gambit Movie Cast

Channing Tatum (actor), Lea Seydoux (Actor), Lauren Shuler Donner ( Producer), Simon Kinberg (Producer), Hutch Parker (Producer), Channing Tatum (Producer), Reid Carolin (Producer, Writer), Joshua Zeturmer (Screenplay), Stan Lee (Executive Producer)

Gambit Movie Review:

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