Netflix Party in India – Stay at Home and Enjoy with your Friends


Even, after the epidemic of new Coronavirus, many people are trapped badly at homes and trying to do activities from keeping social distancing. However, this time we are all missing the group activities we would like to move in a house only and the most interesting thing to engage yourself by watching movies with friends and all.4

For your watching convenience you can watch movies in Netflix by introducing Netflix party, this is great way through which you can see Netflix with friends and family together. Do you also want to watch the same? Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that lets you to talk with and watch Netflix with your friends online together.

You simply need to sign in and share a visible link with friends, once your selected show then you can play or watch in the bulk of the screen, a chatroom pops up are found on the right-hand side.

Here you will get to know step by step guide you can make use of Netflix Party and watch Netflix together. But before you choose it keep in mind it will only be appeared on Chrome browsers that also on desktop, computers or laptop.

How to use Netflix Party: Know a complete guide

Follow step by step to use Netflix Party.

Step 1: First of all you need to install the Netflix Party

You need to go to a for Netflix Party installation

Next, you can visit on Get Netflix party for free or Install Netflix Party

You will be redirected to the Chrome Web Store, go to Add to Chrome to end installing Netflix Party process.

Step 2: Open a Video in Netflix

Now visit a new tab and sign in your Netflix account by providing all necessary information

Now select any show you want to watch.

Step 3: Create your party

Next, you can create your party; go to the red NP icon that is found beside the address bar.

Then, visit a Start Partyto get the party opened, and share the party URL to viewers you want to have the party with

Users can click on the link to connect with the party.

How to join a Netflix Party

You can connect with a party just by going to the party URL, and you will be redirected to Netflix’s website. Then tap on the NP button located next to the address bar, and you will automatically join the party.

You have to select one person who has power to pause, play, forward the running movie. You can connect with more that 1,000,000 people and use Netflix Party to connect with friends and introduce long-distance movie nights and TV watch parties.