What Is the Technology Behind Rangefinders?


If you are a golfing aficionado, you might have wondered how golfers are so accurate about the distance they need to hit or the criteria they use in selecting the right club for each shot to cover the appropriate length!

While an individual’s golfing experience plays a massive part in the accuracy with which they approximate the golfing measurement, golfers also use binocular-like devices called rangefinders to improve their golfing capabilities. Reach out to Tee Precision to find the best devices for your needs.

So What Are Rangefinders?

A rangefinder is a camera-like device that measures the distance between the observer and the target via the ranging process.

This exquisite technology can help golfers determine the distance to their target in the golf course. There are three types of rangefinders currently available: GPS-based rangefinders, hybrid rangefinders, and laser rangefinders.

What Is The Technology Used In Designing Rangefinders?

The three types of rangefinders have a unique design that aids in accomplishing their purposes effectively. Below is a look at the technology used in designing the different types of rangefinders:

  • Laser rangefinder: These rangefinders have laser beams that enable them to establish the target’s distance. When the laser beam is pointed to the target, it reflects on the rangefinder.

The laser’s duration to reflect on the device is the yardstick used to calculate the target’s distance. Some laser rangefinders have PinSeekers which allow them to focus on the pin and not the background objects.

They also have an internal inclinometer that aids in the determination of the slope of your target. Moreover, they have lenses magnified five times to improve targeting.

  • GPS rangefinder: These rangefinders use a network of satellites to determine the distance between the device and a particular place on the golf course.

Some of these rangefinders can provide golfers with an overview of the course layout. One fundamental merit that this rangefinder holds over the other types is that it uses satellite mapping in determining the distance to the target rather than aiming the device at the target.

  • Hybrid rangefinder: These rangefinders incorporate the fantastic attributes of both laser and GPS finders into one product. As such, it provides golfers with satellite course mapping and the ability to use laser sight targeting.

What Is The Best Budget Golf Rangefinder?

It’s no surprise that all golfers desire to improve their game. Making use of rangefinders is one effective way of achieving that feat.

That said, the different types of golf finders have different prices. So which one of them is both cost-effective and efficient in accomplishing its purpose?

  • WoSports H100AG Rangefinder: This rangefinder provides you with the best dollar for dollar value. They have a 650 yards laser distance, speed/slope/ angle measurement ability, and an efficient battery. You can acquire it for $109.99
  • Precision golf NX9: If you want a high-quality rangefinder at reasonable rates, then you need to purchase the Precision golf NX9.
  • Nikon CoolShot 20i G2 rangefinder: This rangefinder gives you an accurate and quick estimation of your target’s distance, including in sloped terrains. Moreover, its six times magnified monocular gives you an excellent view.

Eliminate guesswork and the frustration of estimating distance from your golfing using rangefinders when you are on your golfing escapades. They will enhance your confidence and security of your shots.