What to watch after “Game of Thrones” is over


With “Game of Thrones” coming to an end, there is a big hole in many people’s lives. Not to worry, though, as there are plenty of other great shows to watch! This blog post will list some of the best ones for you to check out. Whether you are looking for something new or revisit old favorites, these shows will keep you entertained. Get ready to dive into a new world!

Table of Contents

1.     American Horror Story: Cult: for the gore

The Untold Truth Of American Horror Story

This show is excellent for those who loved “American Horror Story: Murder House” and “American Horror Story: Coven.” The acting is superb, as well as the storyline. It keeps you hooked from beginning to end! While it does have a lot of gore, that was expected from American Horror Story. It may not be the best show for you if you are squeamish. It has haunted houses, man-eating bugs, and even mutant humans. However, it is worth watching if you can handle all of that! It is no secret that the “AHS” series is getting more and more disturbing with each season: download all of them from https://u1337x.org/ for a free and quality watch.

2.     Dynasty: for the drama

A wealthy family is thrown into chaos when the patriarch’s mistress appears on their doorstep. This show is very well written, and the actors are superb. It is worth watching if you like dramatic television shows. The series focuses on the American upper class in luxurious houses with fancy cars. It has everything that makes a show interesting to watch! You will find yourself hooked before you know it! This show is about a family who has recently gone through a “shocking” tragedy. In the aftermath, they try to figure out what is going on and how they can get back to normal. If you enjoy shows where everything goes from calm to complete chaos in only a few moments, then this one is for you.

3.     Reign: for the history and fictional love stories

It is a show where young Mary, Queen of Scots, lives in France until her marriage to Prince Francis brings her back to Scotland. It follows how she navigates life between her new responsibility as Queen, her feelings for Prince Francis, and genuinely understanding herself as a person. The show does a great job putting some facts into fiction to bring us a fresh take on her life. Also, the love triangle between Mary, Francis, and Leith takes precedence in this story, which will keep you guessing until the end. However, the best part is that there was a twist in the finale of season four that no one expected. There are many loose ends yet to be tied up before it can be considered a completed story.

4.     Vikings: for the landscapes

The story follows a Viking chieftain’s rise from the days when he was nothing more than a young boy. It is an epic story set in Scandinavia during the 9th century. Vikings are about Ragnar Lothbrok, who wants to find new lands across the ocean and make it his mission to become King. The show takes you through many battles where Ragnar lives or dies, but that does not stop him from going on his quest. His drive to become King challenges him as he makes some bold moves throughout the seasons. This show has everything: romance, war strategy, bloody battles, and drama. Throughout the season, there are many cliffhangers, so you may want to keep watching if you become hooked.

5.     House of Cards: for the political gameplay

House of Cards is about Frank Underwood, an intelligent and ruthless politician. He will stop at nothing to make his way up the political ladder, all while destroying anyone in his path. His wife assists him along the way as they create a plan to take down those who would want to harm them. The show takes many twists and turns throughout the seasons, so come prepared with your friends to discuss each episode once it is over. If you like political thrillers, this show is for you. You won’t want to stop watching until the last episode. House of Cards is a Netflix original and has 4 seasons so far.

6.     The Crown:

The Crown' Season 6: How Old Will the Queen Be in the Show's Last Season?

The Crown is a British period drama about the early reign of Queen Elizabeth II. From 1947-1952, she must balance her royal life with trying to understand those around her and lead a nation. Many historical references bring this period to light, and you will never get bored watching all of her trials and tribulations. This show has two seasons, and if you love learning about royal history, then The Crown is for you. The show focuses on how she deals with the different issues that arise as Queen, such as how to handle Winston Churchill, which country to support in the Cold War, and her friendship with Prince Philip. The Crown is a Netflix original and has 2 seasons so far.

Conclusion: these shows have a similar tone to Game of Thrones but are still very different. A lot of political games and power struggles take place here. You will fall in love with the characters and their journeys to the top! Happy binging!