Why Are Reality TV Shows so Popular?


Can you believe that 40% of people watch reality tv shows?

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or this entertainment is your guilty pleasure, nobody can deny that there’s a show for every taste. From adventures to fame and even love reality TV shows, you won’t have a hard time finding a show that’s binge-worthy.

Even if we love to hate on reality TV, we can’t escape the impact it’s had on our culture. Keep reading if you’re curious about the top reasons why people are so invested in this media.

We Can Connect With the Cast

Although television writing has gotten a lot better over the decades, sometimes it’s hard to fully connect with characters who you know aren’t real. Reality TV stars may put on a persona at times, but it’s easy to build a connection with them.

There are plenty of people who are heartbroken when a show ends. For example, you can look up where the duck dynasty cast is now for some great nostalgia.

Good Reality TV Shows Allow Us to Experience More

Reality shows tend to showcase the extremes of all types of lifestyles. American Idol allows up to imagine ourselves on the road to becoming a famous singer while Survivor makes us question how far we would go to win the big bucks.

If you ever feel like your normal life is boring, then reality TV can let you live vicariously through other people’s crazy experiences.

We Have a Blast Determining What’s Real

Even though reality TV has the word “real” in the name, there have been rumors for many years about which shows are scripted. The reason why is that some moments are so out of this world that it’s difficult to accept people act in these ways.

As you watch the drama unfold, you’ll lose your mind trying to make sense of how certain things could happen in real life.

The Best Reality TV Shows Bust Our Stress

Reality TV shows make us laugh, cry, get angry, and hold our breath. Experiencing this range of motions in a low-stakes environment is cathartic.

No matter how stressful your life may be, you’ll feel better about your circumstances after watching an episode.

Reality TV Shows Help Us Connect With Others

Reality TV is in our culture’s bloodstream. Some friends gather together for watch parties while office workers can rely on this subject to make small talk more bearable.

We can even connect with millions of strangers online due to memes and social media groups.

Do You Watch Any Reality TV?

Sometimes it can feel taboo to admit that we watch certain reality TV shows on Netflix and other streaming platforms. The truth is that we can all benefit from indulging at least every once in a while, so there’s no need to feel guilty!

Would you like some help figuring out which reality TV shows are worth investing your time in? Check out our blog so you can find more entertainment guides.