Cutting Fabric – How to Cut Fabric Correctly

Process cutting fabric pieces by rotary cutter on mat using ruler

I feel luck when I see the Accuquilt. This is the company that provides the best cutters for cutting fabric in much easier way. Although, I always thing that if I get any cutter machine, I can make many new designs that aren’t available in market. That may you thing also.

Do you have some new ides for fabric designing? If you have, you must get a cutter from the Accuquilt website. You know! There are several videos that may guide you about cutter. Which cutter do you want or which can be suitable for you? All information is available in videos which define about how to cut fabric correctly.

Moreover, here I am going to tell you about what I get from Accuquilt’s website. I get a cutter named GO Big Fabric Cutter. I try to describe completely about the experience with the GO Fabric Cutter. The dies are available in the box. 

Now, the dies that comes with our GO! Big Fabric Cutter. One of them is Flying Geese. The hard with this die is that, when you sow them together, those points don’t always come together. Maybe the sides are a little bit wonky. But with our dies, we’ve cut off the dog ears, and this is going to see together perfectly.

Remember that our GO! Big can use all of our GO! Dies. But we also have specific dyes made for the GO! Big that are wider. You can check out all of line of GO! Big dies online or from your local signature retailer. We’ve created the ultimate fabric cutting system for Fashion Industries. GO! Let me tell you what’s inside.

GO! comes with our GO! Fabric Cutter, it’s a manual machine. Do you know Sockologie worked for several years. In the market, we sell the highest performing goods. Sockologie Coupon Code is now available to sell the best products.

How much layers can you?

In addition, you can cut up to six layers of cotton in one pass. It also includes an eight-inch Cube. The Cube is eight dyes that, combined, make 72 mix and match patterns. But actually, it’s just the beginning for your inspiration and motivation to create new patterns.


Additionally, patterns that you can use with the Cube is included in book. We’ve also made sure that, in our Cube, we’ve included a 6″x6″ cutting mat. Finally, in our Ready Set GO! We have included the 2 1/2″ strip die. Why 2 1/2″? Because that’s the one we use the most—borders and binding and sashing and jelly rolls. Also included with the 2 1/2″ inch strip die is a 10″x24″ cutting mat. 

Comparatively, after all, the last thing we’ve included in our Ready Set GO! is this really fun die pick. It’s what you’re going to need to clean out your dyes after you’ve finished some projects. So, quilters, everything you need to start cutting fabric and making amazing projects are part of the Ready Set GO.

Another machine that I purchase from the Accuquilts is the Studio 2 Fabric Cutter.

Further, let’s talk about the Studio 2 Fabric Cutter. This is the most industrial machine. It can cut up to 10 layers of cotton fabric in one pass. Perfect for quilt shops, maybe for quilt guilds, or quilters who have a quilting business. Now, keep in mind, quilters, this cutter weighs about 43 pounds.

So, you want to make sure that it stays where you’re going to use it. Similarly, you don’t really want to move it around too much. However, if you do need to add a little bit of space to your sewing room, you can fold up the sides on that Studio 2 Cutter. Your Studio 2 Cutter comes with some things. This is a die tray. You want to set on the far side. Just like our GO! Cutter, you can cut both directions with it. 

Moreover, our Studio 2 Cutter also comes with cutting plastic. Now, quilters, this is different than a GO! cutting map. You want to make sure that you’re using Studio plastic with your Studio 2 Cutter. Also, the dies are a little bit different. This is a sample of one of our Studio dies. You’ll notice that it’s thicker.

It’s bigger, it’s heavier, and on the back, the outline of the shapes that you’re going to cut. So, in this particular case, we’re going to cut a whole bunch of 2 1/2″ squares. 

The best of Studio 2:

Furthermore, you want to just take your fabric. Now with our Studio 2, you can cut up to 10 layers of cotton. Think how fast you could make jelly rolls. All right, I’m going to put my plastic on top. Put it right here in the tray. Give it a turn. This is the perfect cutter if you have some arthritis issues.

It’s going to easily turn. Slide, don’t lift, and look how perfect that will. With our Studio 2 Cutter, you can use up to 600 dies. Think about all the projects you can make with 600 dies. Quilters ask me all the time he really interested in the Studio Cutter. But he already collects a whole bunch of GO! dies. 

The dies

Let me tell you how you can use your GO Flower Explosion coupon code! Dies in your Studio machine. First of all, you need to have an adapter. We have three different sizes of adapters. You want to make sure that the die you’re going to use, the GO! die, is smaller than the adapter. It can’t hang off the edge.

It’s not going to cut right. Also, when you’re using GO! dies, you can only cut six layers of cotton. The rule to apply to the dies as far as the fabrics that you cut and the layers you cut.

Also, you need to make sure that when you’re using the Studio with your GO! dies, you must have studio plastic. So, if you were going to cut these half square triangles, you would put six layers of fabric down. 

Likewise, Put down that Studio plastic. I can lay it in the tray, and just like the GO! fabric cutter, it can cut in both directions. Now that you’ve seen both lines of cutters, GO! family line of cutters and Studio 2. You can now make the decision about which cutter is right for you. If you’d like to test out one of our cutters, you can go to your local signature retailer.