Factors to consider before you choose a football jersey

Italy's Marco Verratti goes for the ball as Wales' David Brooks looks on, during the Euro 2020 soccer championship group A match between Italy and Wales, at the Rome Olympic stadium, Sunday, June 20, 2021. (Riccardo Antimiani, Pool via AP)

Football players will receive a jersey with the team’s name and logo when playing for a team. In the practice sessions, the players will be wearing their own outfits. It is common to see new players complain that their jersey is not as highlighted as the team’s.

Players must understand when representing a team, any casual t-shirt is not the same as a football jersey. There are many features in a jersey that can positively impact the players’ performance. There are aspects to consider, like the right fit, protective features, etc., in a jersey.

Buying a jersey without the right qualities will neither be functional nor appealing to wear. Also, opting for cheap jerseys is not a good idea as they can rip and tear soon. Players may think they are saving money on cheap jerseys, but they are wasting a lot of money.

Thus, it becomes necessary to do the homework before purchasing one. Here are the factors to consider before choosing a football jersey.

Proper fit

This is the first factor to consider when choosing a jersey. Even if one buys a jersey of good quality manufactured with a high-tech process that does not fit right, it is unworthy. A good performance cannot be expected with a tight-fitting attire that pinches skin or a loose jersey that slides down the shoulder.

Players on the field will wear jerseys that are slim-fitting or form-fitting. Only these jerseys can assure total freedom in the movement without excess fabric disturbing the play. It should support the player during your drills and scrimmage matches. So, fitness must never be compromised.

Size guide

Though a player is aware of the size, it is safe to glance at the size chart before finalising the order. It is essential because each manufacturer will have a different size number for different fits. So, it is best to read the size guide before ordering the product.


Quality jerseys are made out of materials that are lightweight and soft. So, when purchasing, one has to confirm the material. Also, check for mesh side panels that allow airflow and reduce sweat during the play.

A suitable material becomes important as it will never allow the player to experience itch, scratch, or irritation. It should be thinner and more breathable. Generally, fabrics for football jerseys are made of nylon and polyester, making them highly durable.

Protective features

A player’s comfort, performance, and success are essential. However, it is not superior to safety. Players will know how a minor injury will push them off the ground for weeks and months. Padding is especially critical for goalkeepers who dive and leap to stop the goal and make saves.

It may lead to very painful impacts. Thus, one must rely on safety features in the outfit as vulnerability to scrapes and bruises is common when playing football. Quality jerseys come with safety features with strategically placed ergonomic pads. These act as cushions and protect the players from cuts and contusions. Also, these pads must be flexible and should not restrict movement.

Check the customising options

There are always options to customise the jerseys. Many online platforms highlight the possibilities and provide guidelines on conveying their instructions. Players can mail their ideas to the manufacturers if they have particular ideas about their unique jersey.

Thus, before choosing a jersey, players must ensure they have checked with all the factors mentioned above and be ready for a spectacular game.