What Are the Different Types of Pallet Jacks That Exist Today?

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Researchers report that the equipment maintenance market will reach $701 billion by 2026. In the logistics industry, it’s easy to neglect the maintenance processes of equipment that is in use round the clock.

Yet, you can end up spending a big chunk of the returns on the maintenance processes. Wrong handling of the equipment during transportation results in much of these damages.

Using various types of pallet jacks for different loads will help reduce the damage. Pallet jacks are the best equipment you can have in your workplace to help move large pieces.

Keep reading this article to understand the various types of pallet jacks.

1. Weighing Scale Jack

If your industry is sensitive about product weight, then consider using a weighing scale pallet jack. It has a digital scale that shows the weight of each load. You can use it in your loading bay.

The weighing scale pallet jack will save you time and energy that would have otherwise gone to weighing each batch.

2. Mini Pallet Jack

There is no need of buying a big pallet jack to lift some light loads. The mini-warehouse pallet jack is specially designed for that.

Its small size makes it ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces. This pallet jack is much easier to maintain than other pallet jacks because it lacks a hydraulic pump.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to use much warehouse space when storing it. Besides, a pallet runner can help you with increasing the storage capacity.

3. Electric Walkie Jack

If you are looking to carry heavy loads, then an electric walkie would be suitable for you. It’s much bigger than a manual warehouse pallet jacks. Thus, it can handle the weight of much heavier loads.

This pallet jack is battery-operated. However, it requires someone to walk beside or behind it as it moves. This is a small task compared to the amount of manual labor it’s saving you.

4. All-Terrain Pallet Jack

In the shipping industry, there is a need for pallet jacks that you can use outside the warehouse. You can use all-terrain pallet jacks on rough paths and uneven surfaces.

Their lightweight frame can trick you into thinking that they can’t handle big loads. However, they can withstand a lot of pressure.

Their wide-set wheels play a big role in their stability and shock-absorbing qualities. These are the best pallet jacks for transporting big loads outside the warehouse.

5. Adjustable Pallet Jacks

If your workspace has pallets of varying sizes, then you must consider getting an adjustable jack. You can adjust the width between the forks to accommodate various loads.

You can buy both big and small warehouse pallet jacks, but with an adjustable one, you’ll save on storage space.

Various Types of Pallet Jacks

Warehouse essentials are necessary for improving the handling of equipment in your facility. Even if there are various types of pallet jacks to choose from, you must be wise when choosing one.

It’s best to invest in a quality pallet jack from the start. Cheap warehouse essentials don’t imply a better deal.

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