How to Choose the Best Body Modifications That Suit Your Style


Did you know that body modifications are becoming more mainstream, especially in the United States? What was once seen as an odd feature or quirk is now making its way into the normal culture.

Have you ever thought about using body modifications to achieve a certain look or feel? Here are some of the most popular types of body modifications and how to get them.


Also known as stretching, gauges are a fun way to create holes in your skin without causing damage or infection. One of the most common locations for gauges is the earlobe because it is easy to stretch.

Make sure that you consult with a piercing professional before you begin to stretch with gauges. You will need to know how often to go up a size, depending on how your body responds to the changes.

If you go too quickly, you could cause problems such as inflammation, pain, and even unattractive scarring. It is best to wait between four to six weeks before you increase the gauge size, although some people may need to wait longer.

You can use soft, flexible expanders or something more firm, such as surgical steel. Although ears are the most popular location for gauges, you may also see them in the nose or mouth.


Piercings are a fun way to have new jewelry in unique locations on your body. One benefit of piercings is that the jewelry generally stays in place until you remove it, so you do not have to worry about changing it out like a necklace or bracelet.

Ear piercings, especially in the earlobes, are the most common type of piercing. However, you can also get many more creative piercings on the ear, such as an industrial barbell, tragus, daith, or cartilage piercing.

There are also many types of piercings you can get on the face and body besides the ears. If you want a fun gem or hoop in your nose, it makes a great facial accessory without being overwhelming.

You can also get piercings that are not visible, such as the nipples or the belly button. These body piercing styles are great if you want fun piercings but still want to appear professional in the workplace.

Make sure to visit a professional piercer, preferably at a tattoo shop, to get your piercing done. They are highly qualified and will ensure proper placement and technique so your piercing will heal effectively.

Your piercer will likely tell you that you cannot change jewelry for a designated amount of time until the piercing heals. For cartilage piercings, this process can take much longer, so get an accurate timeframe.

When you want to switch out your piercing jewelry, do your research online to get high-quality jewelry that will not cause an infection. For instance, a site like has jewelry for all types of body mods.

One benefit of piercings is that most of the time they will close up eventually. If you do not like the piercing, you can take it out and your skin will likely go back to normal with minimal scarring.


Another popular body modification is tattooing, which has become more mainstream over the years. Tattoos have their roots in many ancient cultures, but now people use them as a way to decorate their bodies and express themselves.

Before you get a tattoo, make sure to research the best tattoo parlor in your area. You may need to come in first for a consultation session with an artist if you want a large tattoo or a unique design.

Be prepared to shell out a lot of money if you want a good-quality tattoo. Your tattoo artist may also charge you more if they design the tattoo themselves, or if it takes multiple sessions to complete the finished piece.

Tattoos are permanent, so you need to think about a tattoo before you get it. Some tattoo artists can give you temporary tattoos, which you can wear for a few weeks to decide whether you want the tattoo on your body.

Split Tongue

Have you ever wanted to feel like a lizard? One of the most unique but fun body mods is a split tongue, which gives the tongue a forked appearance.

Although this may seem like a cool body modification, it is certainly one of the most extreme and it should not be taken lightly. You need to visit a highly-qualified professional to start the process.

The tongue is one of the most sensitive areas of the body and has a lot of nerve endings, so it can be painful to get a split tongue. However, the results can lead to increased self-confidence and further enjoyment of activities such as oral sex.


Suspension is a temporary form of body modification, but it is certainly an experience that you do not want to miss out on. The process involves hanging someone by a series of hooks and suspending them in the air.

Many people who enjoy suspension describe a feeling of adrenaline rush and pressure from the hooks. You can get suspended from almost any point in your body, but it is often easier if you have rings or piercings in place ahead of time.

You can find a group of people who have experience with suspension in your area. You may be able to connect with others if you are interested through social media or online forums.

Choose the Best Body Modifications for You

If you want to alter your body, then you should definitely consider which body modifications you can use to achieve that look. With these and many other options, you can express yourself in a fun and unique way.

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