How to Experiment with New Looks

Smiling teenage girl outdoors on sunny day. Closeup of cute brunette young woman wearing casual clothes.

Once in a while, it’s nice to revamp your look and to try new things to see what suits you. You might be surprised to find that a certain style of dress or haircut is much more flattering on you than you first thought, and this can help to boost your confidence. After a year of being stuck indoors and the changing of the seasons, perhaps you feel as though it’s time to experiment with a new style? Here are a few tips to help you do this, with some being bolder moves and others more subtle to ease you into it.

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As mentioned above, a new hairstyle can do a lot to change your overall appearance, which makes it an excellent way to revamp your look. Before you take the scissors to your locks, consider what your face shape is and what styles will flatter it the most. If you want to be bold, do something drastic like going from long to short or having your hair colored.


Another effective way to upgrade your style is by experimenting with different makeup. If you have followed the same color schemes for years and are growing tired of it, then purchasing some new eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks can be a great way to alter your look. Invest in some new hair & makeup supplies and play around with them at home until you discover a new combination that you adore. Then, test it out on your next night out with friends what they think of your new look.

Update Your Wardrobe

If you’re happy with your signature hairdo and makeup style but still feel like your look needs sprucing up, perhaps updating your wardrobe is the answer you’re looking for? Start by going through your closest and deciding what you’re happy to keep and what needs to go, donating them later to a charity shop, or selling them online for extra cash. Then, when you hit the stores, look at different styles and colors that you would usually go for. Finally, take a friend with you if you want a second opinion, and always try before you buy! This will save you the hassle of making returns if you don’t love an item or it doesn’t fit right.


If you’re not ready to try a completely new clothing style, then accessories are a good way to ease your way into a new look without there being too much of a contrast. Having a good collection of accessories is always useful, as they can help to smarten up an outfit for more formal occasions or even make a smart dress look casual. Whether it’s jewelry, a new pair of shoes, a couple of new bags, or even some new scarves, adding to your collection by selecting something a bit different from your usual choice is a good way to introduce change without it being too overwhelming.

It’s always great and refreshing to update your style every couple of years, and you might do this more frequently if you are a bit of a fashionista. If you are feeling the urge to spruce up your look, consider the tips above and see which ones work best for you.