10 Things to Do During Social Distancing

Protection, Prevention of Coronavirus Covid-19

The COVID19 has locked down the world and brought it into crisis. The people and economy both are suffering, and the only way to fight this battle is social distancing. Social distancing will keep the virus away from spreading, so it’s the high time we should start adopting social distancing. But while we do social distancing and do work from home, here is something we can do to turn social distancing into our favor.

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list of things to do during Social Distance due to COVID 19

Work on your Idea

You might have some ideas in your mind which you won’t be able to implement because of your 9 to 5 job, so this is the time you can start thinking of your idea and create the strategy to follow it.

The idea can be anything, it’s about the time. So, when you have time, avail it to make it under your favor.

Read Books

I have seen a lot of readers complaining about not getting the time to read books. But now during social distancing, you will save the travel time, cut down the office politics and also don’t get the extra hours to waste.

So, you can utilize this time to read books and gain more wisdom and knowledge. Reading is the key because it helps you grow into your field and gives you ideas to implement.

Chat with your Old Friends

The best thing about the global recession is that you get to know how small the world is and all people come close to you. It’s the best time to rejuvenate with your old friends and ask how they are feeling and what their activities are these days.

Way forward, you can also plan a group call and rejuvenate the old memories together. 

Review your CV

Free hours are the best hours to wind up your remaining work, and reviewing your CV is the most important out of all because, in your job routine, you don’t get the chance to update it. 

So, take out your old CV, update the skills, add your work experience, enhance its design, and tailor it according to today’s employer because the CV styling and demands have evolved now.

Learn the New Tools

Your company might have given you access to a free task management tool to make the work from home easy and productive. Take out time to learn it properly and know the latest happenings in your industry. 

Apart from that software, also learn other tools that will be productive for your career growth. The new tools, tips, and tricks will keep you on top of the information and amplify your skills accordingly. 

Watch Netflix

I know you must be thinking that in social distancing, we would be working the same as in the office but even after the work, you’ll have some free hours which you can dedicate to watching Netflix. 

It’s important because, after work, you’ll also need the time to relax and unwind. And Netflix is your way to go to kill your free hours. 

Work on your Leadership Skills

We can’t enhance our leadership qualities until we work on it. Social distancing is the best time to think and reflect. You can take a pen and paper and write the skills which you lack the most and later you can work on those skills and grow up better. 

Read books, listen to podcasts, talk to people, and do whatever is best to grow your leadership skills. 

Help Others

Your friends and family might have a lot of complaints about you for not being available to them. This is the best time to message them and ask if they need help. You’ll feel content when you have helped your friends in any of their tasks. 

Spend Time with your Family

Eat together, make memories out of every moment, and stay together. Sit with your elderly parents, talk to them, listen to their stories, and make the most out of your free time.

Start Blogging

If you love to write, then it’s the best time to lift up your pen and start writing. You can’t complain of the time because now you’ll have a lot of time to write because Social Distancing dear.