2 Moving Myths most Aussies still believe


Moving interstate or from one suburb to another can be a stressful feat. Not only will you need to deal with all the packing and preparations, but you also have to get the right help and keep everything coordinated. 

One thing that can ease your relocation is engaging the right services who can take care of your change of address. Servicers that provide a tailored solution always counts to keep your move smooth and stress-free. 

Getting the help of an interstate removalist to help you pack and wrap delicate items, move all boxes, and transfer furniture safely is always critical in such instances. It will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on the essential task of adjusting to your new environment. 

Most Aussies Think Removalists Are Expensive and DIYs Save You Money

Many Aussies still think that removalists are super expensive, that most believe it is simpler to do the move themselves. When it comes to moving from one location to another, there are many complications along the way. 

Think of all the time needed to pack everything, which often equates to the office’s loss of time. Doing the packing will require countless hours of organising boxes. You also need to buy all the needed packing materials.  

Customised moving service will provide almost everything. It includes the manpower to pack your belongings, carry heavy furniture, and ensure that everything is accounted for during the actual transfer. 

Hiring a trusted interstate removalist will also lessen extra expenses like fuel costs and food allowance for your helpers. A DIY moving project always costs more than getting the right moving company to help you relocate in the long run. 

Removalists are the Same and Charge Similar Rates

Most Australians also believe that all removalists are the same because of the similar services they provide. And it is where most are wrong. Consequently, just like humans, not every moving company share similar values and core service provisions. 

When getting the right help for your relocation project, always look for one that provides a tailored solution that fits your needs. You do not want to make all the efforts when the moving company just transports all your belongings. 

Essentially, a mover will benefit from a service provider who is more than willing to lend a hand during the tiresome process of packing and organising materials. Removalists also differ from each other based on how they provide customer service. 

You would want to engage the help of a moving team that makes you feel valued from start to finish. A moving company should be able to communicate effectively to avoid possible confusions. And it includes providing you with the right estimate for the job. 


Moving from one state to another or even a simple move to a new suburb is always demanding on any mover. Aside from all the time-consuming process of packing everything, ensuring the move is made smoothly is always at the top of everyone’s mind.

Getting the right help during this process will help you relocate stress-free. A company that provides a customised solution based on your needs is always critical to keep everything smooth. When looking for the right moving team, always take into consideration their brand and quality of customer service.