4 Ways to Perfect How to Wear Bracelets

gold chains for men

Since ancient times, men and women have worn bracelets for adornment and protection. They can be worn as lucky charms or to deflect the evil eye. Some bracelets serve as identification or are adopted as a memento of a special event. Just like rings, bracelets may have symbolic importance in a marriage ceremony. Bracelets can indicate wealth, status or affiliation with a group or idea. Sometimes, they are simply worn for the sake of fashion, to draw attention to the wrist of the wearer.

Today’s women’s bracelets and gold chains for men are stylish accessories anyone can wear, and there are wonderful options for every occasion. If you’re wondering about how to wear bracelets, read on for some great tips.

1. Casual Looks

Beaded, braided and macramé bracelets add a special touch to the clothes you wear every day. You can wear them with sportswear and casual clothing like jeans, shorts, tees and knits. Casual bracelets can be simple or bold, depending on their size, shape and material.

Bright colors, especially yellow, red, orange, green, pink and blue, can serve as a standout pop of color that gets you noticed. Usually, a bracelet made out of wood, glass or resin beads will look more playful than a bracelet made from tiny gemstone beads. Braided leather bracelets can make a semi-casual outfit look more put together, especially when worn with a coordinated accessory like a belt or handbag. A bright macramé or woven bracelet might be a simple reminder of friendship.

Depending on the bracelet and the occasion, you can dress up casual bracelets by layering them with gold or fine metal companion pieces. Choose a chain or link bracelet in a style and diameter that complements the entire look. Women may opt for more delicate jewelry that hangs loosely from the wrist, while a braided leather bracelet coordinates well with chunky men’s gold-plated chains or a cuff.

2. Evening Looks

When you choose a bracelet or two for a night out, you want to look dressed up. Consider the formality of the event and your total look when choosing your jewelry. This is the perfect time to wear a standout bracelet in a fine metal that’s beautifully crafted or embellished with jewels.

It’s fine to layer two or three bracelets, but don’t go overboard. Bracelets should complement, without competing with other jewelry. Women should think about the cut of their clothing and the necklaces, earrings and other accessories they might wear. A statement gold or platinum bangle can look amazing with a sleeveless gown, and women’s gold bracelets can look stunning with a tailored evening jacket.

If the focus is on your wrist, you may choose to layer a tennis bracelet with delicate chains. Whatever you choose, your bracelets will draw attention to your hands and wrists, so invest in a flawless manicure and a beautiful clutch to complete your ensemble. 

For cocktails or a night at the opera, men may choose to pair a chunky gold link bracelet or cuff over their wrist bone next to a dress watch buckled further up their arm. The combination can look fabulous with a suit or tuxedo.

3. Special Occasions

When choosing a bracelet for a special occasion, the symbolic and emotional significance may be as important as the style of the jewelry itself. Your bracelet might commemorate a graduation or the birth of a child or grandchild. You may choose to wear a bracelet that has religious significance to a spiritual gathering. Perhaps you will wear a sentimental heirloom to a family reunion. Maybe you wear a bracelet you received for a birthday, holiday or anniversary year after year.

Whatever the occasion, it’s likely that your bracelet will be a valuable piece of jewelry with sentimental meaning. Make it the focus of your look, and coordinate your outfit and other jewelry accordingly. Choose clothing that complements the style of the bracelet. A flowing dress can look lovely with an engraved silver bangle. Chain bracelets and charm bracelets can be beautiful with a silk blouse or cashmere sweater. Men may choose to wear a bracelet to commemorate an important milestone, like winning a championship game or a major contract.

4. Celebrity Bracelets

People from all walks of life wear bracelets, and some people take style cues from their favorite celebrities of all ages. Camilla, Queen Consort of the United Kingdom, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Dakota Johnson and Zendaya are just a few famous women who have been photographed wearing bracelets.

Male icons Johnny Depp, Joe Manganiello, Jay-Z, David Beckham, and Jason Momoa often add an edge to their distinctive style by wearing either a stack of bracelets or a single, stunning signature piece. When you see someone you admire looking great in a bracelet, you may be inspired to try a trend that works well for you, too.

Wearing the Perfect Bracelet

The art of wearing a bracelet comes down to ensuring it is perfectly suited to its context. A bracelet should always be an enhancement, never a distraction. If you’re attending a business meeting, your bracelet should convey subtle elegance. If you go to a gallery opening, you may choose to wear a statement bracelet with a bit more flash. Bangles, beads, cuffs and charms can all look right when they’re carefully selected and worn with confidence.

Materials that reflect your values and personal taste will make your jewelry more meaningful. Matte, engraved and polished finishes are all wonderful options for your embellishments. Whether modest or magnificent, always choose the bracelet you love to wear in a style that makes you feel terrific.