5 Fun Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Pet


Our pets are part of the family, so it only makes sense that we want to include them in many of the things we do, including the holidays! You might wonder how you can actually  celebrate holidays with your pets, so this piece is here to offer you some ideas to make it special for both you, your family, and your furry friends. Read on to find out more!

Table of Contents

 Family Holiday Photoshoot                            

What is a holiday without a card? A photoshoot is a classic way to immortalize memories from celebratory holidays – usually with fun props, backgrounds, or outfits. Of course, nothing is stopping you from involving any of your pets in this fun tradition or even dressing them up (as long as they do not mind it!). Just have a look for some fun photo ideas to make something special you can give to everyone on a holiday card or hang on your wall.

Go on an Adventure Somewhere New 

Many dogs love discovering new places, sniffing new smells, and meeting new friends, so what better way to treat them in the holidays than to go from their normal watering holes and play spots to something new and exciting. Not only is this a holiday treat for your pup, but it is also a nice thing to do with the family too, exploring areas that you have not had the chance to see yet.

Make Homemade Treats

Not much beats homemade treats on any holiday of the year, and we are sure our pets will feel the same way. There are plenty of creative blogs out there which can offer you some excellent ideas for creating pet safe treats for your furry friends. Just be sure to double check any ingredients lists for any food or substance that could make your dog poorly. And, of course, a reminder for many of us around the holidays, make sure both you and your dog’s eat proper meals filled with good nutrition, such as the dog food Cave Creek, amongst all the treats!

 Make Pet-Friendly Decorations and Stockings

Holidays such as Christmas and Halloween require lots of festive decoration to set the scene, but if you have a cat that is particularly fond of climbing Christmas trees or ripping down baubles, or maybe you have a dog that is particularly nervous of the cackling witch doorbell or the rubber floor spiders, it might not be as fun for them.

Find themed toys they can play with and enjoy without messing up the house, and when it gets to Christmas, you can think of creating their own little stocking with their favorite bits and pieces in there too, for when everyone are opening their presents!

 Volunteer with Your Pet

Perhaps you know some elderly neighbors who are struggling to get out due to the cold and need their dog walked, or maybe someone is low on cat food and the shops are closed.

If you can offer to lend a hand on behalf of your pet, that is definitely in the holiday spirit.