5 Practical Ways to Store and Maintain Watches That Are Not in Use


Watches are a part of our everyday outfits. They are not only functional but also fashionable. No matter your age and status, the need to purchase watches is inevitable. One of the many challenges people face is keeping their watches safe when not in use. 

You don’t like to spend a fortune on watches and replace them after a few months? Then, you don’t need to worry anymore. The good news is that you can store your watches, maintain and keep them in good conditions when not in use. 

It will save you the cost of replacing your watches fortnightly. It will also help prolong the life of those precious watches in your closet. How do you keep your watch safe? Follow the few tips, and you will save yourself the stress and money of purchasing new watches all the time. You will keep them safe and save more money. 

Store Them Properly

Watches are small and difficult to keep and maintain. You have to store them the right way. Do you know that watches detest humidity and dust? Yes, these two climatic elements are the main reasons a watch does not stay long. 

When exposed to humidity, your watch may become rust and bring out another color. You wouldn’t want that, would you? To prevent this, you must store your watch in a dry environment. The environment where you keep them is necessary to maintain a good-looking watch. 

Do you know that severe exposure to light can also destroy the value of your watch? How? Light makes your watch age quickly and leads to a change in color. Exposure to extreme light causes your watch to fade in color. Black dials turn to chocolate brown, and gold becomes silver or probably another color. This color change also depends on the brand, aesthetics, and model of your watch. 

You don’t want to lose a valuable watch such as an Oris Watch to humidity and light, do you? No. So here’s the thing.  Store it in a dry area with minimum light exposure and controlled temperature. A watch case – similar to a jewelry box is advisable. 

You can also add silica gel to the cases to help protect your watch against humidity. You will find them in food and electronics packages. Just drip drop a pack in your watch case, and your watches are protected and good as new when next you are ready to wear. 

Lubricate regularly 

When not in use, lubricants in watches dry up quickly. It can destroy vital parts of your watch. You can avoid this. How? Make sure to oil regularly. Lubrication helps reduce friction and accumulation of dust. 

How can this be achieved? Take your watches to a trusted watchmaker for a complete overhaul- lubrication of all necessary parts. Too busy to do that?  You don’t have to worry. Check the manual that comes with your watch to know what areas to lubricate and what lubricants to use. That done, your watches are safe for re-use anytime and any day.

Remove batteries

Batteries are essential for the smooth running of your watch. When not in use, remove the batteries of your watch. After all, you don’t keep your car running when not in use, do you? No!!! It is the same way you should not keep your watch running while it’s not in use. When you don’t remove the batteries, the batteries keep working while the engine is in motion. And the sad part is that the batteries can corrode or leak after some time. Unfortunately, your watch becomes damaged. 

To prevent this, remove the battery before storage, especially when storing for a long-term period. To do this, remove the back with an appropriate screwdriver, remove the battery and replace the side of your watch. If you can’t do this, a trip to the jeweler or watchmaker will get the task done. With this, your watch is safe for storage. 

Use of a Watch Winder

As the name implies, a watch winder is equipment that helps wind your watch. It means your watch keeps ticking even when not in use to store automatic watches. Unlike manual watches, automated watches need constant running to ensure a long life span. 

An automated watch uses body movement to harness energy. What this means is this. It will demand a watch winder when not in use. Your watch winder will not only keep your watch but will also prolong its shelf life.

Keep Your Watch Clean

It is a popular saying and it goes like this. Cleanliness is next to godliness? The same works for your watch. Just like everything else, a happy watch also needs a clean environment. A clean watch is easier to store and maintain. Make sure to always remember that regular cleaning prolongs your watch. 

You may wonder how? Most times, the bracelet, dials, and straps of your watch are damaged due to constant exposure to chemicals, water, cosmetics, and perfumes. These substances are not healthy for your watch life. But by now, you are probably wondering if you have to stop using these items. 

All you have to do is protect your watch from these things. It is that simple. These substances will make your watch watches moist, and you have to clean them with a lightly moistened cloth. Dry it carefully before storing it in a well-ventilated space after use. Never make the mistake of storing your watch when it’s damp. It can destroy its color and dial. When it’s dry, you can store it. Never keep your watch in a dirty place. Always remember this, your watch and dirt are not friends. 


A watch is necessary for your day-to-day activities. But, maintaining and storing watches is necessary to make your watch stay precious. It will save you the cost of purchasing new watches often and prolong the life of the ones you already have. 

From proper storage to constant lubrication and cleaning every day, you will maintain your watches with ease. Use these tips when storing your watch, and you will enjoy your watches for a long time.