6 Essential Self Defense Tips to Know


Over nine million Americans are enrolled in martial arts, many of whom are dedicated to learning self-defence.

Knowing the basics is key to surviving attacks, staying safe after dark, and giving families assurance that their loved ones are safe. But broadening your self-defence skills feels daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start. Perhaps you’re interested in embarking on this journey and you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five essential self defense tips to know.

1. Know the Sensitive Areas

Self defense classes will start by pointing out the sensitive areas to focus on. This includes their nose, base of the throat, and their groin area. Because of this, familiarize yourself with moves that attack these pain points.

If you want to deepen your knowledge, then enroll in a martial arts school and learn about each technique.

2. Keep a Safe Distance

Before defending yourself, it’s important to keep a safe distance from your attacker. Although this feels overwhelming, make sure there’s a one-and-a-half arm length between you and the aggressor. But if they encroach this, then you need to whip out your self defense techniques.

3. Use Your Voice

An underrated self-defense tool is using your voice, especially if there’s still distance between you. Show your attacker that they’ve picked the wrong victim and make a scene, which is crucial if you’re in a busy area. For instance, shout “no” and “stay away” so, hopefully, they’ll back down and leave you alone.

4. Perfect the Palm-Heel Strike

Not sure how to defend yourself? Then, practice this basic move until you’re confident.

The palm-heel strike works best when the attacker’s face isn’t blocked and you can easily reach their face with outstretched arms. To do this effectively, stand side-on and extend your left palm out, with fingertips up and your elbow down. Next, send a palm strike with your right hand before swapping sides.

5. Kick the Attacker’s Groin

When learning self defense, professionals will suggest targeting the attacker’s groin. This is useful if you can’t reach their face for the palm-heel strike. To do this, drive your right knee up and shin the aggressor’s groin before returning to your regular stance.

6. Use the Element of Surprise

If you’re in doubt, use the element of surprise. Most attackers find seemingly vulnerable victims, so don’t be afraid to react immediately. For instance, if you’re grabbed from behind, then respond immediately as it increases your chances of hitting them hard.

Know These Self Defense Tips Today

Hopefully, you’re now prepared with self defense tips to give you peace of mind.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the aggressor’s sensitive spots, keep a safe distance if you can, and cause a commotion, especially if you’re around other people. You should also learn the basics, such as the palm-heel strike, and use the element of surprise when you can. Good luck and stay safe!

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