6 Types of Subscription Boxes for Men and Women


If you’ve ever wondered about getting involved in subscription boxes, now’s the time. They’re a fantastic way to discover new products, and their sheer versatility means that there’s something for everyone. Men, women, kids – it doesn’t matter who you are, there’s a box for you.

Are you wondering about the types of subscription boxes? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more!

Subscription Boxes for Women

The best part about subscription boxes is that the frequency and costs vary, which means there’s a subscription box for everyone.

There are over 7,000 subscription boxes globally, as of 2018. This means the subscription box industry is growing with more versatile products than ever before!


One of the best and most popular subscription boxes for women is FabFitFun. This box comes once every season and is filled with customizable products.

From beauty to fitness to health, this box is filled with quality products for you. Each season comes with a variety of products, including the products you’ve chosen to customize. You can also add items in for a discounted price.

This subscription box chooses items based on your interests and style, which makes it a more personal subscription.

The seasonal subscription makes it more affordable than a monthly box. All of the products included are high-quality, which means you’re getting more bang for your buck.

This is a great gift for any woman, no matter what their interests may be.

Allure Beauty Box

Another popular subscription box for women is Allure Beauty Box. It was once known as Ipsy.

This subscription box is a great purchase for any makeup-loving person. It includes travel and sample-sized products for makeup and skincare.

All of the products are well-known quality makeup brands that are well-liked.

This is a perfect subscription for those who want to try new products or want to get luxury products for an affordable price. There’s also an option to customize one item in each box.

You can choose your payment plan for this subscription, ranging from monthly, quarterly, to annually.

Subscription Boxes for Men

There are many subscription boxes for men as well. From grooming, clothing, and high-end products, men can be pampered with subscriptions as well.

Dollar Shave Club

One of the best subscription boxes for men is the Dollar Shave Club. This is a great subscription box to save money on any shaving necessities. It comes with customizable razors, razor heads, and other essentials.

This is an affordable alternative to purchasing these items in the store. The frequency of this box is customizable. Depending on how frequent one shaves, they can choose how often they want their subscription box to come.

Jerky Snob

Another popular subscription box is Jerky Snob. This is a subscription that sends you different kinds of jerky. This might not be the most practical subscription, but it’s a fun treat.

There are different subscription plans to choose from, with fast shipping in the United States.

Every month, you can be sent different kinds of jerky, depending on what you like. The box comes with two bags of jerky.

This is a fun gift for anyone who loves jerky and trying new foods.

Subscription Boxes for Everyone

If you want to buy a subscription for yourself or someone who might not enjoy those popular boxes, have no fear. There are plenty of other subscription boxes to choose from.


This is a great subscription box for anyone who loves home products and wants to reduce their carbon footprint. The products in this subscription box are hand-picked natural products.

This box is completely customizable for products that you enjoy to use in your home. From cleaning products like dish soap to laundry detergent, this box can supply you with everything you’ll need.

All of the products are eco-friendly and natural. There are thousands of options to choose from. This box comes once a month, with enough time and reminders to skip, change, or remove items.

Book of the Month

Calling all bookworms! Book of the Month is a perfect subscription box for anyone who loves to read.

This subscription box lets you choose a book to read for the month. You can choose from any of the hand-picked favorites, or some of the readers’ all-time favorites.

You can choose a book from a wide variety of genres, leave reviews, and receive rewards by ordering each month. You can also add on any books for a less expensive price than retail.

The best part is all of the books are high quality and hard-cover. They also come with a fun bookmark each month.

You can also skip the month with this box if you’re still working on the last book. Shipping is free and the price of the subscription is budget-friendly.

With hundreds of subscription boxes to choose from, there’s a subscription for anyone and everyone. You can find organized lists of the best subscriptions here.

Subscribe Today!

Subscription boxes are a fun gift to give a loved one or to pamper yourself with each month. If you’re looking for the right subscription, there’s plenty to choose from based on interest and budget.

It’s like a gift in the mail every month! Be sure to check out what subscription box would be perfect for you. You’re guaranteed to find a subscription box that will bring you joy.

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