8 Coolest Pets You Can Own


Are you wondering what are the coolest pets you can own?

Pets are adorable creatures that can change the life of their owners. Pets increase your activity, give you companionship, help you meet new people, and reduce anxiety.

With a pet in your life, you are more likely to live a happier and fuller existence.

So what are the coolest pets that you can own? While everyone has their own definition of “cool,” there are some pets that are interesting and unique.

If you are wondering what are the coolest pets that you can own, this short and simple guide is for you.


One of the best pets that you can own is a chicken. They are smart, productive, and perfect for backyard pets. Whether they are rolling chicken coop or delivering you fresh eggs, these inexpensive chickens are perfect to have as a pet.


Ask anyone and they will tell you, dogs are the perfect and coolest pet to own. Whether you get one that has high energy or is low maintenance, they will provide you with companionship and be your very best friend. Dogs are gentle, loving, and loyal to their owner.


One of the coolest most adorable pets you can have is a hedgehog. They’ve got an average lifespan of up to 10 years and caring for one is similar to caring for a guinea pig or a hamster. Hedgehogs are low-maintenance and fun pets for the whole household.


Although private ownership of chipmunks is rare, it can happen. While these animals are not low-maintenance pets, they make up for it by being great companions. Chipmunks require plenty of food, room, and human contact.

Potbelly Pig

If you love farm animals, consider a potbelly pig. These animals are intelligent, affectionate, non-allergenic, odor-free, and clean. Their quirky personality makes them a loving addition to the family.

Miniature Donkey

Another farm animal that is lovely to have is a miniature donkey. These animals are cute and fuzzy and great with children. As a note of caution, they don’t like to be alone so be prepared to buy two miniature donkeys if you want to own them.


For a cool pet consider buying a turtle. These animals are fascinating, quiet, and relatively undemanding. But, they have very long life spans and complicated food and housing needs.


A tarantula is a cool and quiet pet to own. They are easy to care for, unique, and very exciting pets to own. This is the perfect pet for someone that is into big spiders.

These Are the Coolest Pets You Can Own

The world of pets is very diverse.

Some of the coolest pets you can own are chickens, dogs, and hedgehogs. You might also consider chipmunks, pot-bellied pigs, and miniature donkeys. If you want a low-maintenance pet that is still very cool, consider a turtle or a tarantula.

This is a list of the coolest pets that you can own.

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