An Essential Guide to Scoring Sneakers in Sydney


Sydney is a sneaker-loving city with a footwear industry having an estimated US$1.6 million sales in the recent year. The Emerald City is located on the eastern coast of New South Wales, with a population of 5.4 million.

According to reports, the country has cemented its spot as one of the global sneaker markets in the world. High-end brands and rare sneakers Sydney easily find local support given Sydneysiders passion for footwear.

For example, the Louis Vuitton and Supreme brand collaboration garnered much-anticipated support in the Bondi area opening of the brand boutique. Items were being flipped despite having a hundred per cent markup because of demands. And this is how Sydneysiders love sneakers and their fashion form.

Separating the Fake from Real Collectible Sneakers

Well-made sneakers always manifest themselves with quality production. It is what separates a real sneaker brand from an aftermarket product. However, there are other ways to determine if you have a real one or an imitation.

One of the easiest ways to spot a fake sneaker brand is with shoe packaging. Most known brands take careful consideration at how their sneakers are packaged. In addition, the box can provide you with authenticity information that fake shoe brands often miss.

The Nike brand is particularly well-known in the market, and it always comes in its original Nike box. Unfortunately, most fake shoes are shrink-wrapped using clear plastic or come with fake Nike boxes that are hastily glued.

You can also refer to important information like the SKU code and the bar codes critical to an original sneaker. SKU is an individual designation unique to a model of a branded shoe. The barcode contains a unique series of numbers used by valid stores when checking out a pair of snickers.

Finding a Pair of Rare Kicks Online

Sneakerheads looking for rare sneakers Sydney can always head online to grab a pair they have always dreamed of. The only factor you would need to make is spotting the right store with a list of original brands and rare finds.

There are more ways than one to find a good online sneaker store in Sydney. But none compares to finding the rarest finds from well-known brands.  Shoe Grab has been the go-to online store for brands and sneaker models almost out of the market.

Looking for a good pair of rare sneakers is like finding a gem in your gold mine. With many sneaker models that are highly commercialised, meaning mass-produced for brand marketing, it is bliss to spot a rare find.

Buying rare sneakers online will expose you to a wealth of brands and models from trusted manufacturers. But always pay attention to sites with a proven record of selling authentic sneakers from these known brands. Also, always check their business listing credentials and know what people say about the store.

Essentially, getting a hold of rare sneakers is an enriching experience. You can add them to your set or use them for special occasions. Nonetheless, sneakers are footwear that has crossed over to become more than just an essential.

Nowadays, there has been a steady rise of sneaker collectors from across the country, vying for a coveted rare model to complete or expand their collections.  Find the right pair of rare sneakers from reputed stores now!