How to Choose Kids Earrings


Did you know that children can get their ears pierced as young as 3 months old?

Most people get their children’s ears pierced while they are still young because their bodies heal quickly and they don’t have to get it done later.

If you are planning to get your child’s ears pierced or recently did and need help with buying earrings, there are many things to consider.

Continue reading to discover all of the factors you should consider when buying kids’ earrings!

Talk to Your Child

The first step in buying kids’ earrings is to talk to your child to get their opinion.

Your child is the one that will be wearing the earrings, so you must try and get something that they will like. To figure this out, talking to them and showing them the different options can help. Your child will likely have opinions about the style, colors, and backings of the earrings.

If your child has already had their ears pierced for a while, they might want to try a new style. Try to be open and let them choose something on their own. If they want something that isn’t practical, try leading them in another direction.

Pick the Right Metal

The metal of the earrings that you buy is important because depending on what types, your child might have sensitivities to them.

Sterling silver, surgical steel, and titanium are some of the best metals to buy. They typically don’t cause a reaction or blueing of the skin. These options along with many others are hypoallergenic.

Getting hypoallergenic kids earrings is beneficial. This is because you don’t have to worry about them getting a negative reaction.

Gold and rose gold are other popular options that kids like to wear. These options can still be found at affordable prices and shouldn’t cause any rashes or infections.

Find a Good Size

No matter what style of earrings you buy for kids, there are different sizes to choose from.

Stud earrings typically come in small and large sizes because they don’t hang off of the ear lobe. Hoop and Huggie earrings can be larger because they are loops that hang down from the lobe. Wire hook and lever back earrings are often smaller in size.

The size of the earrings matters because you don’t want your child ripping them out or getting earaches because the earring is too large. Smaller earrings are recommended for kids because they are least likely to hurt themselves with the backings.

Finding the right size might take some trial and error. Once you know the size of your child’s ear and lobes, it will be easier to pick a size.

Look at the Different Styles

Stud earrings are the most popular and simple styles of earrings to get.

The stud earrings have small fronts and a stem that goes through the piercing.

Lever back and English lock earrings are simple and have a closing that is rounded, connected with the earrings in a circle shape. The wire hook earring is also popular. Many people think it is more comfortable because of the curved stem that goes through your ears without poking into your head.

Unless you are buying earrings for a formal event, you should avoid the drop, chandelier, and teardrop earrings. These styles are much more delicate and can get caught in hair and on clothes. Kids are more likely to hurt themselves with these styles, however, they look great for certain occasions.

Discover the Omega Preference

Did you know that the backs of earrings, that keep the earrings from falling out, are called omegas?

There are several omega styles to choose from. By looking at a kids’ earrings buying guide, you can get a better idea of what each one looks like. Push-backs and screw backs are two of the most common backings for stud earrings.

Secure lock backs, lever backs, and safety lock closures are also styles of omegas. Try a few of these styles with your child to see if they have a preference for one. Most people wear push-back closures because they are simple to put on and comfortable.

Look Online & at Stores

The best part about going online is that you can find a kids’ earrings guide that helps you pick the best choice.

There are many informative sites and retail stores that offer images and information about the earrings being sold. Taking your child to look at the options, whether you can make it to the store or have to shop online, can make your job easier.

Until you and your child have the earrings’ in your sight, you won’t be able to choose the best one. The store is the best place to view your options, however, because you will have the help of retail associates.

Talk to Professionals

You can get a lot of kids’ earrings tips from pediatricians and ear-piercing professionals.

If you want to learn about the best types of earring styles and how to find the best metal for earrings, these professionals can help. They have knowledge and experience that they can share with you so that your child can love their piercings as they age.

Some pediatricians and ear piercers might be able to recommend certain brands that people have liked in the past. Don’t be afraid to ask them any questions about the earrings and how to clean them properly to avoid infection.

Find the Best Kids’ Earrings

Buying kids’ earrings can be stressful because there are so many types of metals and styles to choose from.

Depending on your child’s preferences, you can get a variety of styles for them. Studs are most recommended for kids because they have a simple design and won’t get caught in their hair or on their clothes.

Take time to look at options with your child so that you can get a pair that they like to wear.

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