How to Stop the Spread of Infections at Work


Looking for ways to keep you and your place of work safe from health risks? It feels like there are so many reasons to worry about getting sick at work today from COVID-19 to the flu still coming around every fall and winter. However, there is more research and information now than ever before about how these viruses spread.

Knowing how to avoid infection is good for everyone, including people you may interact with outside of work. Using these tips can help you, your coworkers, and your loved ones stay safe.

Wash Your Hands

A healthy workplace is one where personal hygiene is good and consistent. Washing your hands after you use the restroom is a start, but washing your hands before you eat a meal and after you come inside can help as well. We touch so many things on our way to work or even just leaving our house.

Not all infections can be spread through contact, but this is a great step in preventing those that can. Washing your hands for about 20 seconds in warm and soapy water is one of the best habits to form for infection prevention.

Cover Your Mouth

If you have to cough or sneeze, be sure to do so into your elbow and fully cover your mouth. This includes wearing a mask when you need to in public spaces.

Stopping the spread of particles from your nose and mouth can stop infections at work. It’s easy to carry something without knowing it, so always using precautions and staying home when you feel sick is important.

Avoid Sharing

Don’t share any personal items that may carry germs on them, but also try not to share too much at work. If you can work in your own office and don’t need to use the same equipment that can help. However, many jobs require you to share things, so having a system of sanitation in place can be useful.

There are many different tools you can use to get rid of germs, like a dry fogger for disinfection, so you and your team are not at risk when you need to share spaces.

Food Safety

Being cautious with food can stop infections at work from spreading. Pack your own food and try not to share things that aren’t prepackaged. If you have to prepare food at work, making sure your area is thoroughly cleaned before and after is crucial.

Many different germs can thrive from food residue and sanitizing areas where food is often prepared and consumed helps reduce the risk of infection.

How to Avoid Infection

Infection prevention can start with you, especially at work if you don’t have important systems in place already. When focusing on how to avoid infection, maintaining your own hygiene and keeping shared areas clean and disinfected can go a long way.

Another key thing to do is get vaccinated, including getting the flu shot each year. Vaccines help stop the spread of infection in its tracks, so encouraging everyone to keep their vaccines up to date is being safe. And if you found this helpful in learning how to properly protect your workplace, keep reading for more useful info.