Covid Wave 2: How to handle depression and Anxiety


Covid Second way is very much tough to handle by every range of age group where its equally hitting whether its Poor or privileged or middle class. As some of them are get disturbed in making everything smooth as they are issues in handing job, work and family due to this pandemic situation due which people are coming depression and anxiety issues. Where everyone have its own reason to get depressed and similar way they are finding different ways to manage it by even when they are sitting at home, lets read this below article in which you will see by the way to handle depression and anxiety.

Table of Contents

Create Personal Routine

Even from childhood we are being advised to have own personal routine in which very less number of people are able to maintain that life. As everybody thinks but not able to make it happened where they can utilise their timing and routine in effective way, like spending with family or friend or loved ones on time. But you should make your time adjusted and fix your good routine where you every should get time out of your busy schedule.

Have good Night Sleep well

Under anxiety and depression issues no body is able to take proper sleep at night, due to over thinking or thinking about such stuff which is not related or some time thinking un necessarily. Just need to focus and have beathing well, to get slip on time which can bring mind and body relax. One best idea to keep your phone away at-least 2 hour before your sleep, to have good night sleep.


According to our culture, we know that every solution is possible with meditation. You can make it by 2 ways, one make your phone away from you and second way is start doing meditation, where you will get away with your anxiety and depression. You need to a fix timing for it, and can achieve your mental peace of mind and keep yourself calm.

Seek social support

You can be in touch with people by taking phone calls and making some video calls, where you have to avoid personal meeting with anyone. But need to keep in social support sothat you can overcome your depression anxiety. By sharing your thoughts, ideas, problem you can see lot of solutions and help you can get which will make your mind in better shape.

Be productive with your free time

Just need to have some work during your free time, no need to sit idle at home. You should not feel you are alone and not able to do anything, just keep your attitude high and positive where just make time for your hobbies. You have to try out some indoor games.