Do Online Music Lessons Work?


Internet technology has made learning and dissemination of different skills easier. But does it work for music?

Most music enthusiasts will prefer to attend music lessons in Austin Texas in-person for personalized learning. They then improve on the knowledge gained through practice and other means such as the internet. While supplementing the in-person lessons with online lessons is an excellent way to learn, online music lessons can sometimes work very well on their own.

This is because most of what’s learned is visual and supports sharing music files in audio, written, and video.

Indeed, new ways of learning music are always coming up. Online exercises, skype lessons, video lessons, and even training modules don’t require your physical presence in a classroom. So, what benefits do online music lessons provide?

Benefits of Taking Music Lessons Online

Easy to Take

There isn’t much difference between in-person and online lessons. The two methods function the same way, beginning with a structured approach to establishing a foundation. This is learning the basics. The new lessons are typically in easy-to-digest segments, which build on this foundation and expand the knowledge-based capability.

Some people can quickly take up more knowledge than others, okay. Online lessons allow this flexibility based on capability. But that is not all. Online classes are also similar to reading a book on your own because you can always go back to something you had difficulty grasping. This makes it easier to understand a topic better.


Some people are naturally averse to large crowds, and they’d never feel comfortable taking lessons with others in a classroom setup. Online lessons are better alternatives for shy people. They can take their lessons in the privacy of their homes, without anxiety or other fear.

For people with disabilities, assistive technology is now available and mainly works well with online lessons.

Easy Access

Living in some areas, such as rural areas, or particular situations like constant traveling can limit access to a good music teacher.

However, online lessons provide various options for learning music even when the learner is thousands of miles away from home. Nothing changes or affects the schedule.


You can take online music lessons at your own pace and time, and it does not interfere with your schedule. You don’t have to follow any standard business hours. There’s no traffic to deal with or waiting for the tutor, as is usually the case with in-person lessons.

Set aside your own time for the online classes. All that it takes is to fire up a hand-held device and take the lessons as you wait in traffic or when taking your meals.


With online lessons, the tutor doesn’t have to be present to learn. The text-based and pre-recorded lessons are, in most cases, sufficient to learn the basics.

Since the teacher doesn’t need to be present 24/7, they can charge less, and you can access the files at any time. This arrangement benefits both parties.

Fringe Benefits: Online instrument lessons have various additional benefits that in-house learning will typically not have. For example, some websites will offer practical support such as premium digital content, training modules, and community forums.

All these benefits support more accessible, quicker, and more effective sharing of knowledge and learning.

Drawbacks of Taking Music Lessons Online


Taking music lessons online and at your own pace requires significant self-motivation. This can be quite an uphill task for most people.

The majority will abandon the lessons halfway. They procrastinate, believing that they can take these lessons later but eventually run out of steam and drop out.

Lack of Physical Guidance

While most music lessons are visual, some areas will need a particular level of physical guidance. For example, you’ll need someone to teach you the proper posture, the correct position to hold the instrument, and how to control your pitch.

Require a Good Internet Connection

A bad internet connection can interrupt a scheduled lesson, and you may have to postpone it later. Some areas you may travel to may not have a reliable connection, and this may cause transmission struggles and poor videos.

Undoubtedly, the internet has increased learning possibilities, and anyone can learn any skill from wherever they are, including music. But before you can begin the lessons, it would be best to have a good internet connection and locate a reliable and qualified tutor or provider for the lessons.

Taking online music classes can be a walk in the park with the right tools