Essential Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Church Steeple


Your church had a steeple, but a lot of things weren’t put into consideration when purchasing it. The design and size were off, and you are now considering purchasing a new church steeple. Going by the adage once bitten twice shy, you want to do extensive research on what should be considered before buying.

Although the process can be mentally draining, you need to get it right the first time. With the right tips to guide you when making the decision, you’re guaranteed to get the right one.

Read along to get essential things to consider when purchasing a new church steeple.

The Steeple Size

The church steeple size is a critical element that you need to consider and should be proportional to the height of the church building. You have to take the measurements of the building, especially the height variable, to base the length of the steeple on that.

The steeple should be one and a quarter as tall as the height of the church. To put into perspective, if the church height is 20 feet, the ideal height of the steeple should be 25 feet. However, some prefer the height of the steeper to be the same as that of the building.

The base width is also an important consideration when purchasing the church steeples and crosses. A general rule of thumb is to divide the base width of the church building by six to obtain the ideal measurements for the steeple. For example, if the church base width is 42 feet, the width of the steeple will be 7 feet.

Material of the Steeple

The most commonly used materials in creating steeples are wooden and fiberglass material. Their ability to withstand any weather condition makes them ideal for church steeples and crosses. Fiberglass material is considered for miniature church steeples since they are solid and light.

Your Budget

Like any other goods in the market, church steeples come at different prices depending on several factors such as quality. The design, materials used, and size of the steeple will influence the cost. There are plenty of options you can go for; all you have to do is find a steeple that accommodates all your requirements.

Send the design to as many companies as possible once you have an idea of how you want the steeple to look. Request quotations, then narrow down the list to companies offering the best prices. Consider a company that also provides design consultancy on their services.

Compatibility With Church Design

The church’s design should be memorable and beautiful; to maintain such an appearance, you should factor in the design of the steeple. The design of the steeple should blend with the church to create a sense of consistency in the overall design of the structure.

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Simplify Purchasing Church Steeple by Learning Key Things to Check

Don’t base your search for a church steeple only on the budget you have; consider other influencing factors to ensure you get the best. If you consider the above tips, you’re guaranteed to get the best steeple in the market.

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