Everything You Need to Know About Hot Desking

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Did you know that a reported 47% of employees and staff actually prefer flexible workstations and hot desking to traditional, stay in your place work desks?

That means that almost half of the workforce prefers to work out of unallocated spaces. Arriving to your own cubicle with your leather briefcase, cold turkey sandwich and photos of your kids on the desk is a thing of the past.

So, if you are searching for flexible workstation solutions, then hot desking might be just what your business needs. If you keep reading, we’ve got everything you need to know about using hot desking services.

What Is Hot Desking?

The idea behind hot desking is a simple one: a desk, work surface, cubicle, or workstation no longer is allocated to just one person, it’s a system whereby the workplace allows multiple workers to use one place at different times.

This may sound a little out of whack to you, but think of it like this:

Hot desking allows businesses to accommodate a larger workforce with less space. This means you can save on the cost of office space itself, as well as furniture and everything that comes with additional workstations.

The system of hot desking can be beneficial to businesses that operate in high-cost cities and also to industries that want to encourage productivity in shift work.

The Advantages Of Hot Desking

Hot desking and flexible workstations can bring benefits to the business as well as the workforce. Both sides can truly the positivity of making the change.

1. Budget Friendly and Cost Effective

This benefit is directly for the business itself. Along with the need for less floor space, comes a lesser need for furniture and office equipment, expensive swivel chairs, and coffee machines on every floor.

Hot desking saves money by saving space.

2. Made for Modern Lifestyles

Nowadays, remote working and flexible offices hours are becoming the norm. Along with faster technology, quicker internet speeds, and cloud software comes a lesser need to be in the office and on-site.

Hot desking gives you the opportunity to offer this type of work environment to your staff.

3. Equality and Self-Governance

Hot desking is a way for you to tell your staff, “Hey, nobody is better than anybody here. We’re all the same.”

It shows that nobody gets preferential treatment and everybody is equal.

Also, you give them the platform to manage their own time and schedules by booking their workstation by using platforms like meetio.com. Nothing says I trust you more than giving them the power to plan their own workday, starting with where they want to sit.

Hot Desking Is Hot Right Now!

Hot desking and flexible workstations are a really hot topic right now, specifically as a result of the worldwide pandemic we’ve recently survived.

With people wanting to be able to control their own personal space more, it’s a great option for you to show that your business thinks of its people too.

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