5 Incredible Benefits of Going to Church Regularly


In times of crisis, even the strongest believer’s faith may waver. They could either leave the church and their beliefs behind, or turn towards the church and look for assurance.

But church attendance shouldn’t be something you only do in times of crisis. There are serious, real benefits to attending church.

Here are 5 incredible benefits of going to church regularly.

1. Regular Encouragement

Everyone needs encouragement. Life isn’t always easy, but kind words from someone, a reminder of scripture, and being the recipient of a good deed can change your outlook on life.

If you are going through a hard time, odds are someone else in the congregation has also been through that, or knows someone who has. Chronic illness, bankruptcy, divorce, the loss of a loved one – these are all incredibly stressful situations, but they can be overcome with regular encouragement and help from others.

2. Social Connections

Churches are a great place to build social connections. Regular worship service attendance will allow you to connect and build friendships with others.

Many churches also have small groups that meet weekly or monthly. This could be a Bible study group or a support group for those struggling with addiction.

Sometimes these groups are also broken down into age-specific demographics. So if you’re worried there aren’t a lot of people your age in your local church, try joining a group specifically for singles or 20-somethings.

Churches have gotten better at catering to specific groups. Many have seen the benefits of small groups and how they can build a strong community of believers. Check out your local small group for more info on connecting with others.

3. Opportunities to Give Back

Church attendance offers us an opportunity to give to others. It could be as simple as giving them some of your time and providing a listening ear. Or you could provide advice to others that need it.

It could go even further and consist of serving the needs of your community, via the church’s food pantry or other community outreach efforts.

The needs of others may not always be immediate, but if you are regularly tuned in, you will eventually find a way to give back.

4. Access to Helpful Resources

Attending a church near you can provide you with access to resources you didn’t have before. This could include religious scholarships for higher education, personal or professional mentoring, or charitable resources.

5. Health Benefits

Attending church has more than just faith benefits, there are health benefits too.

A study of over 6,000 adults found that those who regularly attend religious services reported fewer symptoms of depression. It’s believed that the social support of a church family also led to less stress and a decreased mortality rate.

The Benefits of Going to Church

Now that you know the benefits of going to church, you can find a church near you or reacquaint yourself with your regular congregation.

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