Best Baby Milk Powder to buy for your infant


Breast milk is the best and pure milk you can give to your child and it contains all the essential nutrients that aid in the growth of baby’s healthy body. The necessary and rich elements in the milk powder are strong as well as essentials to meet your increasing baby’s wants.

However, often, giving breast milk from mother to baby is not possible so, at that time you can give your baby nutrient-rich baby formula that will help your baby develop a healthy body. A mother may also consider taking lactation supplements from Majka if they are unable to breastfeed due to low milk supply.

We will get to know the best milk formula for your baby.

1. Farex 1 Infant Formula

Farex 1 infant milk formula is always best for babies and this formula comes for birth up to six months. It holds 100% vegetarian milk alternative and different ingredients such as demineralized whey & whey solids, minerals, vitamins, taurine, partially skimmed milk, lactose, groundnut & soya bean oils, soya lecithin, and L- carnitine.

This infant formula helps in the overall growth and development of the infant, thus ensuring good health.

2. Aptamil Stage 1

The Aptamil stage 1 infant formula is always best for newborns and available from birth to six months of age. It holds DHA, ARA, iron, nucleotides, and folic acid. It consists of balanced and age-suitable nutrients that aid in overall development and progress.

It is a perfect dietary supplement for kids below one year. It gives the infant many essential nutrients such as iron and hemoglobin forming ingredients. The milk powder also aids to deliver oxidative metabolism, proliferation, and promotes cell growth in babies.

3. Nestle Lactogen 1 Infant Formula

This formula acts well and remarkably in babies up to six months of age. The formula holds almost all types of nutrients that will allow your kid to develop healthy and balance their weight properly. This formula also helps in building strong bones and teeth, the formula has all vitamins and iron nutrients.

The formula also comprises the necessary nutrients such as zinc, iron, and fatty acids that help to boost baby’s brains.

4. Dexolac Special Care Infant Formula

Dexolac is one of the most popular milk powder brands. This powder is made of all essential protein and vitamins that can help your baby’s overall development and progress increase. These products are given from 0 days of age to 24 months of age. This baby food is primarily for premature babies.

5. Enfagrow A+ Nutritional Milk Powder

This formula is the best for 2years and above old kid as well as this milk powder helps to ease lack of all necessary body nutrients. The formula also aids to fulfil the entire needs RDA levels. Also, this formula consists of triple health protections that hold lots of necessary nutrients and probiotics that improve your baby’s immune health.

The formula compriese DHA plus, vitamin B6 and B12 folate, iron, and zinc. These nutrients can make your baby’s brain to develop and also make him intellectual. Your baby’s bones and teeth will be strengthened by using this formula.

6. Nan Pro 1 Starter Infant Formula

Are you looking for a formula for your baby that will offer him with all the vital nutrients to aid him grow his brain along with also maintain his body and prevent diseases, this formula is an ideal for use. The formula comprises DHA, a manufactured fat that will help to develop his brain development.

This formula also encompasses whey proteins, Iron and zinc, and Vitamin A, C, and These vitamins assist your baby to boost strong bones and teeth. Using this formula, your baby’s nails and hair will nurture and makes their skin glowing and rash-free.

7. Hypoallergenic Elecare

This milk powder formula holds all kinds of essential nutrients for boosted growth in babies.

This milk formula is 100% amino based protein powder is hypoallergenic and best from 0-12 months. It holds enriched with iron and DHA and helps to grow and develop your baby’s health every day.

8. Nestle Nestogen Stage 1

The Nestle Nestogen stage one is packed with cereal. It is best for your baby’s development and growth because of the existence of folic acid, taurine, and choline. However, it is very easy to digest by babies and this formula comes with a delicious taste and ideal for up to 6 months babies.

9. Nutricia Dexolac Stage 2

The Dexolac Nutricia Stage two is a dried milk formula and this formula is idea babies after 6 months of age. It guarantees to get plentiful amount of iron to prevent anaemia. However, it also boosts the growth and development of your little one.

10. Similac Advance Infant Formula

This formula is packed with lots of required nutrients such as Omega 3 that assists in brain development and also contains six fatty acids (DHA and ARA). The formula also comprises iron, taurine, iodine, folic acid, zinc, and chlorine, so, these entire nutrients in this formula promote your kid’s brain development. The formula also encompasses Vitamin D and phosphorous that helps in fortifying your kid’s bone development.  The formula comprises all the necessary fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to maintain the healthy development of your baby.

These are all best baby mil powders.