Four Fundamental Tips on How to Choose the Right Incontinence Pants for Your Child with Incontinence Problems


According to an article published by Healthline, the average age wherein you can start potty training your child falls somewhere around 27 months. Considering this, it is completely normal for young children under the age of three to be unable to control their bladder.

However, there are some instances wherein children who are supposed to be old enough to control their bladder are unable to do so. In such cases, these children might be struggling with urinary incontinence. Products such as incontinence pants for your child can help with incontinence problems. For useful tips on choosing the right incontinence pants for your child with incontinence problems, keep reading.

Consider your child’s age and size

Different incontinence pants come in different sizes, so considering the age and measurements would allow your child to be more comfortable in their continence pants.

Choosing a pair of incontinence pants is as easy as choosing a pair of normal underwear. So, when choosing a pair of incontinence pants for your child, you must ensure you get something that is not too tight and not too loose.

Consider your child’s level of incontinence

Not all incontinence pants are created equal. So, when choosing a pair of incontinence pants, you should consider how much your child will leak, so you know which type of incontinence pants to get.

When it comes to choosing the right pair of incontinence pants, dryness is key. For instance, if your child has mild incontinence, you could opt for regular incontinence pants. On the other hand, incase your child has moderate to severe incontinence problems, then you might want to opt for incontinence pants that provide additional absorption properties to prevent accidental leakage.

Remember to be kind to your child’s skin

You can be kind to your child’s skin by having them use gentle cleansers and wet wipes. However, being kind to your child’s skin does not stop there. Because children who suffer from incontinence might be more prone to skin irritation, opting for a premium quality pair of incontinence pants might help your child’s condition be more bearable.

Luckily, there are breathable and extremely absorbent incontinence pants that can help your child live a relatively normal life. By opting for comfortable incontinence pants, you can let your child have the chance to play and socialise with other children without having to worry about making a mess.

Remember to keep additional protection at night

Incontinence might be frustrating for both the parent and the child, so If your child is diagnosed with incontinence, you must remember to be more patient as your child has no control over their bladder. In addition, because incontinence is an involuntary condition, it can happen during daytime or nighttime.

To ensure your child can get a good night’s rest, get your child several pairs of incontinence pants that are highly absorbent. Moreover, you might want to get your child a different pair for active daytime wear.

Products such as incontinence pants for your child are great to support them as they grow without having the condition become a hindrance in their daily life. Since there are many variations in incontinence pants, considering essential factors such as your child’s age and level of continence would ensure you get the right incontinence pants for your child. Furthermore, remembering to be kind to your child’s skin and keeping additional protection at night would be best for you and your child.