Healthy and Environmentally Friendly Alternative of Your Plastic Period Pads


Our environment is under extreme pressure owing to reckless human activities. One of the greatest hazards that our earth is struggling with is tons of non-biodegradable waste. According to researchers, it takes almost 450 years or 5,400 months for plastic to decompose. The common plastic items people use daily are straws, plastic shopping bags, and sanitary essentials such as diapers and tampons. So, as a future empowered woman, what alternative can you get to replace your sanitary pads with something sustainable?

Modernisation has increased the use of plastic, and shifting to eco-friendly alternatives may be unpopular. However, as time passes, alternatives that are efficient to use, such as girls period undies, are being developed. Let this article introduce this alternative to you so you can be a confident, environmentally aware phenomenal woman.

Are women essentials among the eco-destructive plastics on earth?

Definitely! There is not much research done on this topic because sanitary napkins and tampons are considered medical wastes. But in 2018,  research was conducted in the United States, and it was found out that there were almost 5.8 billion tampons sold. Every woman is estimated to produce almost 40 years of waste by using sanitary pads and tampons alone.

Through consistent research and innovations on its alternatives, people now have control over the waste that they emit. Now, it’s up to the people if they’re willing to adjust and compromise to save the environment.

The shift to more sustainable and eco-friendly menstruation essentials may take time due to people’s stigma and convenience in using plastics for their menstruating needs.

What are the advantages of using period underwear?

As a motivation to compromise, the change must also provide you benefits. Aside from its environmental benefits, girls’ period undies are also beneficial for your finances and body as well.

  • Low-Cost Feminine Hygiene

Every woman will most likely go through at least 456 menstrual periods in their life, which will equate to almost 9,000 tampons that would cost you an average of $2,000. Meanwhile, period underwear only costs at least $30 depending on the design, materials used and brand that you prefer to buy. This underwear can offer durability and cost-effectiveness as it can be used for two years if taken care of properly. So, you do the math! That is a huge difference from your usual feminine essentials spending. Pennies back in your wallets while saving the environment!

  • Comfortable Underwear Designs

The usual underwear designs are boyleg and bikini. They are made with high-quality materials such as cotton and polyester that are comfortable on your skin. Besides blood absorption, it absorbs moisture from your skin as well. So, say goodbye to rashes brought by plastic sanitary pads! For those with sensitive skin, there is a wide variety of period underwear that you can choose from in the market that is built from different materials.

  • Allows Easy Period Flow

Women are always on the go! They move and work a lot – so pads and tampons that don’t stay in place are one of the causes of leakage and great discomfort. Period underwear allows you to move about without having to worry about leakages. With the innovations in fabric technology today, leakages wouldn’t be one of your worries. Stay active and be confident!

Be the girl boss you want to be while saving the earth!

It is very common for girls to restrict themselves from moving too much during their periods. However, you no more have to let your period stop you! The alternatives are already here to help you. The only thing you need to do is embrace and experiment with them!