13 Foods Worth Trying At A Greek Restaurant


Are you missing out on excellent cuisine because you can’t pronounce some exotic names of foods? It’s always good to try different foods beyond what your local menus offer. For example, you can get information from the Great Greek Mediterranean Grill about some fantastic dishes. Here’s a list of such unique dishes:

  1. Loucanio

This is Greek sausage. Sometimes it goes by the moniker’ loukanio.’ The standard way of preparing it involves adding significant quantities of spice, making it ideal for those wanting to try new things to liven up their palate. It is similar to chorizo sausage, the Spanish version. For health nuts, though, this might not suit them because it tends more on the fatty side of things. However, it makes for a great appetizer.

  1. Dolmades

You’ve probably come across this delicacy without knowing its real name; they’re the stuffed grape leaves you find at your local Greek diner. You’ve probably mistaken them for pepperoncini, the ubiquitous cultivar of chili peppers. This is precisely the kind of thing that would whet their appetites for healthy nuts. Dolmades are typically stuffed with rice, spices, or other veggies; This is then simmered in broth, producing a delicious and appetizing sauce. You can add some lean lamb meat to top it off!

  1. Papoutsakia

Papoutsakia means “little shoes” in Greek. This delicacy is usually pork or chicken cooked on a rotisserie. Adding eggplants to the recipe adds a healthy dose of vitamins, making it more appealing to moderate vegans. As long as the chef is mindful of the roux content, adding béchamel sauce shouldn’t detract from its health benefits.

  1. Skordalia

Probably, Skordalia is what you’re looking for if your palate desires something Greek and healthy. This cuisine (also called skordhalia or skorthalia) comprises mashed potatoes, walnuts, almonds, bread, and crushed garlic. This rich carb mixture is ideal if you want high calories for workouts. If you want to temper this calorie-rich delicacy, you can substitute bread for cucumbers or other veggies.

  1. Shrimp Saganaki

The sagani is a Greek cooking pan. Anything cooked in it is called ‘saganaki.’ A regular saganaki consists of fried cheese, tomatoes, garlic, onion, among other ingredients. A shrimp saganaki usually involves the other ingredients minus the fried cheese. This cuisine is delicious and healthy for those mindful of their calorie count.

  1. Pastitsio

Pastitsio is the Greek lasagna; it consists of tomato sauce, a layered pasta dish, béchamel, and lamb or beef. This usually produces a pasta of rich, brown-yellowish coloration. To savor this dish, you should skip appetizers to ensure that you have a full appetite to enjoy it. The béchamel adds some extra calories that a diet-conscious individual may not want.

  1. Souvlaki

Every time you walk into a Greek restaurant, you can expect grilled skewers of meat on the menu. Souvlaki typifies this, consisting of beef, chicken, or pork with vegetables.

This dish is a very healthy choice, given its low-fat content and plenty of veggies.

  1. Pikilla

This food appetizer consists of fried meat or fish. While there may be some slight variations in its preparation, you want one that’s prepared from scratch. This avoids ready-to-cook, mass-produced foods whose calorie content may be undesired. If you have it prepared, ensure that you want only a tiny amount of the creamy stuff.

  1. Avgolemono

This is thickened chicken broth with lemon juice added egg yolk. This ideal dish acts as a filling appetizer for a great meal.

  1. Taramosalata

This exotic-sounding dish provides a memorable Greek cuisine experience. It is fish eggs—roe—heated in oil. It is a perfect traditional carp roe mousse. It has good fat from fish, which means you can’t go wrong as long as you eat it occasionally.

  1. Gigandes

When you think of Greek baked beans, Gigandes should come to mind. Its high-fiber content is an excellent, healthy dish without unnecessary calories.

  1. Torlou

While the name might seem trivial, torlou (also known as briam) is delicious. It’s a combination of several veggie types roasted for a long time. Potatoes and zucchini are usually used as the main vegetables. It’s very healthy without any trace of saturated fats.

  1. Baklava And Galaktoboureko

If you want rich pastry combinations that include phyllo, honey, nuts, and some rich custard, these Greek desserts will do it for you. While these are fat-free, they may not be suitable for you if you’re so concerned about high calories. Otherwise, you won’t get enough of them!