Go organic! Why should one eat organic food


What does ‘being healthy’ actually mean? Now, apart from exercising and eating greens, many other things together mean being healthy. Even the green vegetables available in the market these days do not assure to be beneficial for one’s health because pesticides are used to grow them. Consumption of inorganic food can cause damage to human health. Pesticides are used for growing food to make the growth faster. This is because of economic reasons also, for more monetary profits. It is becoming essential for one to include organic food in the diet, and this can be done by rushing to one’s nearest health shop to get it.

Why should one eat organic food?

  • Good health: Organic food is produced without chemical fertilisers or pesticides and is healthy for humans to consume. Organic food is made using green manure to fertilise lands and crop rotation in pests. This ensures healthy and organic food.
  • Antioxidant content: Organic foods ensure the intake of nutritious antioxidants suitable for health. The consumption of antioxidants prevents cancer, heart disease, premature ageing, vision problems and cognitive malfunction.
  • Antibiotic resistance:  When one consumes non-organic food, they indirectly consume antibiotics, vaccines and growth hormones that weaken one’s immune systems. It makes it difficult for humans to fight against diseases. A weak immune system Organic food does not involve antibiotics, animal by-products, growth hormones or vaccines. Hence, it is healthy for consumption.
  • Better taste: Apart from the nutrition values that organic foods have, they also taste delicious because they are given more time to mature. Organic food products are processed using environmentally friendly and natural methods of production. This makes the food of high quality and tasty to eat.
  • Pesticide cutback: Pesticides consumption through food can lead to various diseases, including cancer, digestive issues, headaches, weak immune system, etc. Being free of pesticides, organic foods are ideal for attaining good health. Pesticides are added to keep pests away, but they can be harmful to human health. The chemicals that pesticides contain are unnatural and can pose health disorders. Organic food leads to a better healthy life.
  • Robust immune system: Traditional farming practices help enhance production. The effects of eating unhealthy food are not visible at once; one can get allergic, and their weakened immune system can be weakened. Organic foods have vitamin and mineral content that help make the immune system strong.
  • Organic products are poison-free: Organic farming does not involve chemicals. The process is natural and does not pose any threat to human’s health. Due to its natural process, the food products are free of germs and pesticides.
  • Consumption of nutritious food products: Organic food products contain very high nutritional content as they are made naturally, are given time to develop and are grown in the best natural conditions. Organic food products’ mineral and vitamin contents are also high.
  • Organic foods are GMO-free: Organic foods are GMO-free. This makes it resistant to pesticides. Food products containing GMOs can obstruct brain growth and cause internal organ damage and digestive tract problems. This is why the consumption of organic food is prefered for consumption.

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