International Flavors: Take Your Palate on a Trip Around the World


The Covid-19 pandemic is starting to ease and global travel is picking up again. Did you know that there are more than 1.4 billion international arrivals per year? This is an increase of 56x from 1950 when there were just 25 million international arrivals.

It is easy to determine what is driving the surge in international travel. Social media is a major factor in the allure of global travel. People are seeing images of beautiful beaches, landmarks, and delicious food on their mobile devices each day.

Read on to learn about the international flavors to take in on your next vacation. Explore topics such as international culture, local beverages, and the best traditional flavors.


The Caribbean is known for its exotic drinks and flavorful food. On the culinary side, Caribbean cuisine includes spicy jerk seasoning.

Caribbean nations put jerk seasoning on many different foods. Rum is also popular in the Caribbean. Both brown and white rums are used in many tropical drinks like Pina Coladas and Dirty Bananas.


Mexico is another international hotspot due to its warm climate and beautiful beaches. Tequila is the drink of choice in Mexico. Few things are better than a cold Margarita on the beach.

There is also an incredible culinary culture in Mexico. The Hispanic nation is known for its enchiladas, chimichangas, and burritos. The street food is exceptional and affordable for visitors.


Italy is one of the best nations to visit for obvious reasons. The Italian nation has a robust history dating back to the Roman Empire. Roman landmarks like the Colosseum are still standing in the capital city.

When Americans think of Italy, they envision pizza and endless pasta. This is a big misconception as Italian cuisine places an emphasis on fish. You can finish your meal off with delicious Italian gelato.

Italy also has a rich wine culture. They are known for having some of the best wines across the globe.


England is next on our journey to find the best beverages from around the world. You cannot go to England without having some local tea and crumpets.

This European nation is also well known for its traditional alcoholic beverages. Gin is one of England’s most famous drinks and goes lovely with tonic water.


Napa Valley is a must-visit destination for wine lovers. Located in California, Napa Valley is internationally known for its wine collection. The soil and climate are perfect for growing grapes and producing wine.

Regardless of your favorite wine, Napa Valley is going to have an exquisite choice for you. In particular, red wines such as merlot or pinot noir are in abundance there.

Exploring International Flavors From Across the Globe

We have taken you on a brief international trip across Europe and Central America. Each country has its share of exotic drinks and delicious foods.

The best advice is to hop on a cheap flight and try the flavors of the world. If you enjoyed this article about trying international flavors, check out our blog for more great content.