Street Food in Bacolod: Try Out These Scrumptious Local Meals


The one thing every traveler follows is to hit as many food joints as possible and most of the time ensures they’re street vendors. There’s a simple reason behind this, the food sold on the streets are authentic and give a unique taste to the city you’re touring. 

This is why we have put together a list of the street food in Bacolod, so you know what you’re eating before you jump in head first. The one thing most people know about Bacolod is its famous barbeque scene but there is a lot more variety to this city’s gastronomy industry. So, here is the best food in Bacolod; every traveler needs to take a bite of. 

list of best street food in Bacolod

Inasal: The Meat Roasting

Yes, the barbeque in Bacolod deserves appreciation because it’s just too good. Inasal is a local savory chicken dish found on almost every corner of Bacolod. It truly is an iconic dish as the meat is cooked to perfection after being marinated for hours. You can tell the time taken with this meat as every inch of it will be flavorful.  

Inasal is flavored with soy sauce, pepper, vinegar and annatto as the base and then a number of other local ingredients bring the perfect succulent chicken together. It is served on a bed of rice with a drizzle of garlic oil.  

Kwek-Kwek: Comfort from Deep Fry 

This is a popular snack dish in the Philippines street food world and is a mix of flavor and perfect crunch. Kwek-Kwek is hard boiled quail eggs, sometimes chicken, deep fried in a bright orange flour batter. Biting into the Kwek-Kwek is mouth watering because as your teeth sink into the crispy coating, the mushy egg inside gives a burst of flavor. 

Almost all the street food vendors in Bacolod sell this delicious snack. You will definitely find a number of carts during your tour of the city. Remember to try out different vendors; each one has its own unique seasoning.  

Dinamite Sticks: A Fiery Experience

Now, this dish is not for everyone, especially those who can’t handle spicy food. This spicy street food is named Dinamite with an ‘i’ not a ‘y’ but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s one fiery dish. These sticks are popular among drinking joints as it pairs well with beer. 

It is a deep fried green chilli pepper coated with a thin egg crepe and filled with cheese. The filling can also include beef, pork or chicken depending on the vendor but the dish in any form is a flavorful experience. Many brave souls have eaten this street food in Bacolod and most come out feeling good. This is a warning for delicate palates to resist the smell of this fried beauty to stay on the safe side. 

Banana Cue: A Sweet Delight 

All those brave souls who tried the dinamite sticks can use the Banana Cue to soothe their burning tongues. This sweet and deep fried dish is a popular snack in the Philippines. Saba Bananas are coated with brown sugar and deep fried in hot oil and then skewered on a stick.  

If you want a sweetness bonanza then ask the vendor to sprinkle brown sugar on the bananas as they fry.

Siopao: Happiness Stuffed Bun

Siopao is a traditional and famous street food in the Philippines and translates to ‘hot bun’. This large snack is basically a steamed or fried bun with a meaty stuffing. Most places use perfectly seasoned chicken, pork and eggs for the stuffing. The bun is properly packed and each bite is a beautiful symphony of flavor.     

These five dishes all have two things in common; they are reasonable and easily available. Although, the dishes listed above are found all over the archipelago but Bacolod is the City of Smiles where the food tastes just as nice. 

So get ready to take your taste buds on a flavorful and comforting journey with the street food in Bacolod. If you need help booking flights check out iEagle it is the fastest and easiest way to book flights.