The Mystery and History Behind Baskin-Robbins: An Untold Truth


Is there something better than a cold, creamy, delicious ice cream treat on the simmering hot days or for that matter on any cold day? Ice cream on just any day proves to be the best treat and that is why we are just so grateful that our favorite Baskin-Robbins exists.

Baskin-robbins may not be a new name for you, but they have a lot more incredible choices of your favorite ice creams than those you are used to. The two ice cream fanatics under whom this business works have an untold mystery. Brace yourself as this is the untold short story of Baskin-Robbins.

Relation Between Baskin and Robbin

Where some of the in-laws do not tolerate each other long enough Baskin and Robbin were brother-in-laws. Both had a passion in common and that got the in-laws to start a business with common favorite interest i-e ice cream. Fortunately, Burton Baskin and Irvine Robbins decided to follow their passion and the rest is history.

Expansion of Baskin-Robbins

The franchises got a lot more in number as Baskin-Robbins ice cream got the popularity for the long list of amazing flavors and combination hits they offer. This fame strengthened the business and they started franchises in forty countries. Those branches do not make any change in the flavors and taste of ice cream such as Baskin-Robbin in India has got fame in the early years of its opening. All of the Baskin-Robbins stores in different locations of the world own the famous thirty-one flavors along with hit additions such as milkshakes and ice cream cakes etc.

The Mysterious Plum-Nut Flavor

The customer reviews and responses ultimately play an important role in the positive image of any company or franchise. Customer service is always at the top priority of Baskin -Robbins ice cream stores. This can be proved by several incidents that happened between staff and customers of the store.

One of the customers of the Baskin-Robbin store got furious and said that the inventor of the ice cream flavors here must be a “plumb nut”. Rather than getting offended, Baskin got an inspiration for a new flavor known as “Plum Nuts”.

The taste these stores are maintaining and the services they provide make them unique and extraordinary. They revolutionized the flavors of ice cream and today we enjoy some incredible ice cream flavors. We cherish your efforts, Mr. Robbins.